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Mysterious lights have been reported flickering and moving around. Doors slam by themselves. As far as the lights, it is well known and also documented in the local newspaper the "Butler Eagle" about the "phantom train" in the area. Although the historical details are sketchy!

Some of the people at the party went upstairs to see what was happening.

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Blue haze said too follow visitors in the night. Elizabethtown - Chiques road - A man burnt his baby, wife and himself in an upstairs room. Writing by painting says "help me".

Perfume Brands from A - Z

Faces of people in the back of the ambulances. Barton Brook - Benson home - There are several hauntings at this location. At There are many trains that still run in the area and anyone that knows the area, also knows the trains still run in East Butler and in Butler itself. Sometimes shadows can be seen. The night janitors have reported hearing someone walking on the second floor and the roof.

You get charlie wilson foxwood casino very uneasy feeling there and the lights have been known to go out for no reason at all. The Moravianshad built tunnels to use in case of hostile Indian attacks. Foggy nights are the most active times.

Faint glows fading in and out of the windows, as well as small but somewhat bright points of light coming from the corner of the L-shape.

Brands from A - Z

Many times charlie wilson foxwood casino at night you can see them walking the grounds. It is a group of tombstones that are in the shape of a circle.

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Reported events include sheri casino steps on the back stairs and on the track running around the stage area as well as fluctuations in the sound system volume which seemed to cease after someone hung a rosary on the volume knob.

The walls are cement so It could not have been coming from the next room.

Brands from A - Z

The first one is a mausoleum. One year, a haunted tour was given, with real and fake stories told along the route. Peter Cathedral Center - The one part of the building is over years old.

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