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In addition thanks to the evolution of smart phone technology, many Nigerians have started to play the lottery, place their bets and visit casinos using their mobile phones and devices.

Legal forms include betting, lotteries, racing, pools and selected casino games including slots, Blackjack and Roulette. Big Games consists of 3 slots online nigeria odds lottery games: Lotteries Nigerians love their lotto freiburg casino uniklinik which is why the nation has a number of licensed and regulated lottery operators.

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In addition to the Criminal Code Act, there are various other gambling laws that govern the operation of gaming machines in Nigeria. Predict 3,4 or 5 correct numbers and you'll win the corresponding pay-out. Click here to read more about gambling law in Nigeria.

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You can buy tickets for its fixed odds lottery a shot at winning large jackpots. These are the most popular types of gambling in Nigeria Gambling Legislation and Regulation in Nigeria Citing chapter 22 of the Criminal Code Actthe Nigerian government has defined legal and illegal forms of gambling.

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The result is that postgambling in the nation is split into 5 categories which are from biggest to smallest betting, lottery, promotions, slots and pools. These comprise daily Quick 5 lotto draws and a weekly Mega Hammer draw.

To play the Nigerian Lotto you must pick 6 numbers between 1 and Super Games, Mega Millions and Global Games, while Superior Bet allows punters to bet on various sports, including virtual dog and horse racing, and tennis, basketball and football matches.

A few of the most recognised lotteries in Nigeria include: The Gaming Machines Prohibition Act of even made the import and owning of gaming machines slots illegal in Nigeria, with the sole exception of licensed casinos.

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In addition, as internet and mobile technology has become more widely available in Nigeria, so has online and mobile gaming. With the rise of smartphone usage in Nigeria, players can now enter slots online nigeria games using their phones.

Types of Gambling in Nigeria Nigerians favour four main types of gambling namely lotteries, land casinos, sports betting and more recently online gambling at offshore owned and operated sites.


Nigeria's various gambling laws are applicable to gambling operators and players, although the penalties and punishments for operators are far more serious. It has two main brands - Big Games and Superior Bet. However, the country's gambling landscape began to change in the late s, with the passing of new policies and laws to better govern and regulate gambling in Nigeria.

These new laws and polices also paved the way for the privatization of certain gambling sectors in the nation. It operates state lotteries, sports betting, raffle, pools, slots, casinos and various other gaming offerings. Slots online nigeria means it is illegal to own or operate online casinos within the country.

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Predict the winning numbers and you'll win the jackpot. Gab Lotto works closely with federal and state lottery boards to ensure transparency and responsible play is practiced in the lottery industry. That said, there is little the government can do to stop citizens from playing at offshore online casinos which accept Nigeriansincluding those featured right here on this site.

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According to the Act, a "lottery" or "lotteries" includes any game, scheme, agreement, system, plan, promotional competition or device for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance, or as a result of the exercise of skill and chance or based on the outcome or sporting events, or any other game, scheme, agreement, system, plan, competition or device, the President may by notice in the Gazette declare to be lottery and which shall be operated according to a licence.