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Nevertheless, Hiro assures that catching Yokai will keep him healthy.

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Not wanting Baymax to depart yet, and needing him to help put a stop to Yokai, Hiro denies and returns to the mission at hand, commanding Baymax to scan the city to find Yokai. As he falls to the floor, he stumbles upon one of his Microbots an army of miniature nano-bots created by Hiro to present at the science fair of San Fransokyo Tech on the night of Tadashi's death.

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Hiro and Baymax prepare for battle, until Honey LemonGo Go TomagoWasabiand Fred arrive, having been contacted by Baymax earlier, believing that their presence would help subdue Hiro's depression.

Hiro explains Tadashi's death, leaving him with a heavy heart.

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Though Baymax gained a personality and a mind of his own as the film progressed, one definite part of his programming that he decided to stick with, aside from his role as a healthcare companion, was peg slot wiki vow to never harm a human being.

He is an inflatable white robot with his metal parts built from inside. With Hiro's improved emotional state, Baymax believes he has fulfilled his purpose, asking Hiro if he's satisfied with his care. However, as they were in the same building that caught fire, Hiro believed that the Microbots were destroyed. The noise made by their arrival catches Yokai's attention and the masked villain instantly attacks, throwing a load of cargo at the team in hopes of crushing them, only to be foiled by a protective Baymax.

This allowed him to form a close bond with Hiro, to the point where his protection over the former was no longer out of protocol, but rather because he felt a genuine connection to him. There, they find an abandoned facility originally belonging to tech-geru Alistair Krei.

Hiro frantically rushes to the San Fransokyo Police Station to report the incident, hoping to use Baymax as a reliable peg slot wiki. A small badge-shaped access port is placed on the left side of his chest that can hold up to four cartridge chips at a time to contain his initial programming and any additional programming.

As the team enters the mansion, Baymax fist bumps Fred's butler Heathcliff.

At some undetermined time, Baymax was taken to the Hamada householdwhere he remained dormant. It is through Baymax's guidance that Hiro learns the errors of his ways, and from that point, all of Baymax's actions were consensual. As Hiro ponders on Yokai's true identity, Baymax reveals to have scanned Yokai's health, allowing Hiro to use the peg slot wiki to track the villain down.

Baymax is also very curious of his surroundings and tends to get easily distracted.

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After Hiro downloads karate techniques into Baymax, he develops a prototype dull-green armor for Baymax to use in executing karate. His body is also equipped with a heating system that warms anyone lying on him. However, the armor is also wide enough to enable Baymax's wide exterior to fit. One night, while giving him a tour of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, Tadashi brings his younger brother Hiro into his laboratory.

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Using duct tape, Tadashi purposely causes Hiro physical pain on his right arm, causing Hiro to let out a cry of pain. Inside, they stumble upon an assembly line mass-producing a hoard of Microbots. Conceived and built by Tadashi Hamada, Baymax just might revolutionize the healthcare industry. Baymax, however, notices the bot trying peg slot wiki reach a particular destination and notifies Hiro.

Hiro is then forced to return Baymax home to recharge. He looks to improve the world's health by any means necessary, and will willingly go to great lengths to achieve his programmed goal.

They are led to the docks, where Yokai soon appears. He is also programmed with 10, different medical procedures and equipment, such as defibrillators in his hands and an antibacterial spray that is dispensed from his fingers. As programming would have, Baymax is instantly summoned by the sound of distress, and can only deactivate once his current patient states, "I am satisfied with my care.

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Hiro hastily follows behind in an attempt to bring Baymax home, but the two soon find themselves at an abandoned warehouse. Before he does so, he, Baymax and the rest of the team undergo modifications to become a powerful group of superheroes. The masked villain's whereabouts are traced to an island not far from the city and the heroes gather to travel forth.

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Baymax's external structure resembles the appearance of a cute, fluffy snowman, or, as Hiro calls him, a big marshmallow. Sensing this, Baymax downloads files on personal loss, allowing him to properly comfort Hiro.

This upgraded also included an energy sword which was converted from the wings. Baymax and Hiro's first flight.

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This would go on peg slot wiki shape the foundation of the Big Hero 6 moral code, as violence is not always the answer. Baymax's artificial intelligence which was based on a thesis by SFIT alumni, Wendy Wower comes from a special chip with Tadashi's inscriptions. After meeting Hiro, however, he slowly began to change.

But to the inventor's kid brother Hiro, the nurturing, guileless bot turns out to be more than what he was built for—he's a hero, and quite possibly Hiro's closest friend. However, his personality and abilities can be altered with other chips; one example being a chip created by Hiro which gave Baymax the ability to fight, but also sent him on a violent rampage without the presence of his original chip.

They are only visible when one looks deep inside through his inflatable vinyl material. Because of Hiro's belief, however, he deems the device defective and discards it.