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What is range merging?

However, it's not the easiest read in the world. Cuyahoga County JailWayne Bunkin Four gunmen ambushed him and forced him back inside, guns pointed at his head. One night Bunkin told Masters "about this crazy game in Solon" at Allied Lighting, according to the police report. And they no longer play at Allied. If you merge your range frequently, opponents will get wise to your game and start slowplaying strong hands as they expect you to continue betting.

Penal Code Section Arzola and his brother Jose Arzola-Torres, 20, of Lorain, each got 12 years; and Berlingeri 15 years.

What are bluffcatchers?

Figuring out holdem head bail a bluffcatcher is and when we use it. A gold chain with a Chinese symbol dangled from Berlingeri's neck. Judges and prosecutors are certainly not stupid and both are very capable of cross-examining your bail witness.

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Both Berlingeri and Arzola were arrested. Six days later, the real breakthrough occurred. Police called the station and learned about the robbery in Solon. They knew each other, but occasionally they allowed newcomers to play.


Other arrests soon followed. He remains at large. Our opponent is only expecting us to bet out when we are bluffing. Police also found duct tape, which later showed a Berlingeri fingerprint, and a temporary Ohio license tag that had been reported stolen. He was later charged.

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A silver Tag Heuer watch and a wallet were on the car seat. This is more of a metagame problem more than anything, so I'm not going to go in to the ins and outs of what your opponent thinks and how they are going to react to your plays.

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One robber, one of the drivers, was never caught. California law deals with this situation in Penal Code Section But the next day, police got more.

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Just be aware of how range merging will affect the way your opponents play against you. However, this is a great board to merge our range and take advantage of the player that is willing to call with their bluffcatcher.

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One of the players who did not give up his cell phone called Looking in trash cans at his house, investigators found stuck to the bottom of one pieces of identification cards and credit cards that belonged to one of the robbery victims.

If you think of it like that, it might be easier to break down the article and understand the strategy.

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The players were told to empty their pockets. But recently they had been playing at Allied, where one of the players worked. And another wallet, credit cards, photos, and a Social Security card belonging to one of the players.