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Let's hope it's not the same group.


This is a prime example of WHY the rogue business practice of one highly regarded company santana casino rama only affects it's own credibilty, but damages the credibilty of others who show signs that they face a similar problem. Thank you for your inquiry. Well anyway, Wednesday came and went casino gulfport biloxi mississippi Thursday I wrote and asked if there was a problem as maybe they wanted to do ID stuff again or something and this was their response.

Processing only on Friday will save them money as they only need to employ the staff for one day, not five.

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Grand Virtual is the name of the casino software these casinos use. They may also have lost enough players to make such a cutback viable. You transaction will be proceed on this Friday. The signs are clear, unless they get some kind of bailout, such as new finance, they are on the way out.

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Response was rather alarming especially since it is an accredited casino. We are committed to guaranteeing our players the best gaming experience, and there is more to come in ! Casino Wow, I'm very surprised.

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I just want to add one more thing from the gambling knoxville tn published today. Earth This is the latest release this week from Everest, which is adding new games: I hope NetEnt is clued up on this outfit, especially its lack of performance of late.

They've been here since Only time can tell, but players should ask themselves whether they want to have money sat in a Betclic run casino when the crunch comes, and have to worry about procedures for getting paid.

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This really shows us how serious the situation is at Everest Gaming. However, none of us or BetClic is obligated to provide any additional financing pursuant to the shareholders agreement or under the French law. They have not told anybody about this severe cutback to once a week for withdrawals, but are only saying so when people ask about the delay.

Only when fresh finance has been agreed should players consider it safe to return.

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Everest Gaming may have insufficient resources to cover its operating expenses in Gigamedia used to be the other big shareholder in the group, but I'm not sure if that Asian group is still involved. I made a withdrawal to neteller for the rather low sum of 5 on Tuesday and being a past player i knew it would be paid Wednesday. Earth Grand Virtual was a software provider in the industry - in Canada if memory serves me well - and I seem to recall they were bought by GigaMedia a company in Taiwan which had Everest in its stable.

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