Jacob Frye

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While he was brought up as an Assassin, Jacob grew up under a strict lifestyle that restricted his active behavior. Frye is a derivative of the English word free.

Office – Clues (14/14)

Impatient to journey for London, the twins were scolded by the older Assassin, warning them that it was not Ethan's plans for them. Hattie CadwalladerBenjamin Raffles and Chester Swinebourne ; a task which Jacob accomplished, delivering the trio to Roth's carriage. The man introduced himself as Charles Darwinwho showed the Assassin a document that indicated batches of the Syrup were sent to the Lambeth Asylum.

However, he was caught and chased by Blighters as he returned to Evie, forcing the twins to flee craps charitable trust a carriage; Jacob took the reins while Evie acted on the defense.

Brass Knuckles are Jacob's favorite weapon. The duo investigated the tank and its ingredients, learning that the Syrup contained opium, turning it into an addictive and deadly substance.

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Assassinating Starrick's Templar associates pala casino employee benefits as much harm as good, and when brought up by Evie, Jacob simply dismissed them. He offered the Assassin a partnership which Jacob accepted.

Jacob possesses a scar on his right eyebrow, as well as one on the left side of his beard. He was suddenly shot in the head by a sniper. As Jacob escaped, Abberline arrested Twopenny's accomplices. He assassinated Elliotson, who mocked him, calling him childish for not thinking of the consequences of his actions. They also discovered poison in the shipments from Starrick.

He eliminated the guards as Evie searched the chests. Jacob's Eagle vision functioned similarly to the Eagle vision that the Assassin Edward Kenway and Templar Shay Cormac possessed, enabling him to tag targets.

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Informed of the Templars' vast control over the city, Jacob proposed to form a gang called the Rooks to challenge the Blighters' power in the area, disagreeing with Evie's plan to recover Pieces of Eden.

With the Templar threat gone, the rift between the siblings vanished. Jacob took this opportunity to assassinate the Blighter and his decoys during the performance. Jacob located the smuggled weapons and tailed their delivery to the Templar Philip Twopennyunder the alias of Plutus. Finding that weaponry was not allowed in the ball, Jacob asked Frederick Abberline for ideas and the latter told him to acquire the royal guards' uniform.

Counselor’s House – Clues (3/3)

Unlike Evie, Jacob dismissed his father's education, preferring to explore factories and gambling dens in Crawley late at night while Evie trained with Ethan. The duo rode into the night to St. He demanded that Weaversbrook discontinue the publishing of the letters and berated him for turning Jack into a legend.

He tackled the man, assuming it rogue t18 best in slot the Templar associate "B", who told him that he was just paid by another man. After killing Jack and his accomplices, Evie went to help her brother and, with the aid of Inspector Frederick Abberline, obscured the identity of the Ripper to prevent the potential compromising of the Brotherhood.

Due to the era's restriction on open weaponry, Jacob utilized an arsenal of hidden tools including his dual Hidden Blades, one of which was equipped with a rope launcher — a versatile tool that he could utilize to access and scale areas quickly, as well as create ziplines.

Jacob Frye

The Assassin came to the rescue, killing all of the impostors. The twins told them their need to enter the ball and offered their plan to steal the invitations of Catherine and William Gladstonemuch to the Disraelis' glad approval.

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Instead, he justified his actions by claiming he was doing something proactive in toppling Starrick's power, unlike Evie, who was obsessed in tracking down the Pieces of Eden. Quick and athletic, he was able to instantly transverse over and under several obstacles as well as moving terrains. The Assassin proceeded to St.

Furthermore, he did not appear to be a fervent believer in the Creed 's tenets like his sister, preferring action over philosophical thoughts and a good fight over discretion.

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The Earl called him a coward and dramatically announced his death, much to Jacob's irritation. He also proved capable in eavesdroppingpickpocketing and lockpicking.

As such, he came to understand the tenets of the Creed, and acknowledged that his father was right all along. As the information was confidential, Jacob talked him into revealing the supplier - Cockham Merchants.

When it is not in use, the top hat is tucked inside Jacob's robes. As such, he was easily dismissive of Pieces of Eden, preferring to focus on his targets.

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Jacob sabotaged the contraband on the boat to lure Millner outside where he assassinated him.