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Disabling a Tape Drive in Backup Exec A tape gateway provides 10 tape drives, but you might decide to use fewer tape drives. Just a quick glance through the software designer's catalogue and you will notice that the vast majority of games tend to use the same style of illustration.

Gargantuar, both of which are available to North American audiences with a TopBox feature.

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Importing a Tape in Backup Exec You are now ready to import a tape from your gateway into a slot. Media Intervention window, choose Respond OK to insert the media into the slot.

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In the Action Alert: That way, players have access to a wider scope of spinning entertainment in one easy to use gaming portal. These are Plants Vs.

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For information about how to select a different medium changer type, see Selecting a Medium Changer After Gateway Activation. Interestingly, the games listed in this section of their repertoire tend to take on a different visual aspect, opting for 2D cartoon aesthetics over realistically rendered artwork.

In that case, you must disable tape drives in the Backup Exec robotic library to leave only the number of tape drives allowed by your license agreement enabled.

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Spielo is the resulting brand of the huge multi-billion dollar deal between GTECH and IGT, so players and casino operators alike can expect to receive the same quality service that has propelled its parent companies to the top of the gaming world.

In the following screenshot, slot number 3 is empty.

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For detailed information, see the Backup Exec Administrative Guide in the documentation section in the Backup Exec software. And with that in mind, players can only expect more slot machines with innovative graphics and bonus features in the future.

Backyard Showdown and Plants Vs.

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This catalogue also includes a variety of more classically inclined slot machines with 5-reel games like Reel Fruit, Diamond Daze and Cherry Rain. It might take some time to finish uploading data to AWS.

The company themselves claim to have installed more than 20, live machines into bars and game rooms in the United statesranging from core slot machine games to video poker.

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Choose Restart All Services. However, not all of the games are so predictable in their set up, because Spielo also offer games of a more novelty ilk, such as two slot machines that are branded after the Plants Vs.

For instructions, see Retrieving Archived Tapes.


The tape appears in the slot you selected. And you might also get a taste for the wistful — and somewhat cheesy — nature of the thematic scope. Multitude of 5-Reel Themes If you were to browse through any of the different global game catalogues that Spielo has to offer, then you would see what we mean in regards to this graphical cohesion.

Meanwhile, fans of 3-reel spins will be able to enjoy some classy and simple action with the likes of Ka-Pow, Lucky 8 Lines and Swinging Bells.


Although, having said that, the vast majority of the slot machines tend to follow the same design pattern which could appear a little bit dated to more contemporary spinners. For instructions on how to create tapes, see Adding Virtual Tapes. In the Robotic library tree, open the context right-click menu for the tape drive you want to disable, and then choose Disable.