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It facilitates any new developments and the continuation of satellite services in a safe way.

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Solar wind and radiation pressure also exert small forces on satellites; over time, these cause them to slowly drift away from their prescribed orbits. How would a company obtain a license to broadcast power from space over radio frequencies?

Frequency coordination is a technical matter, and not easily resolved, particularly in regions over India, where practically every orbital slot is occupied by one or more satellites.

The geostationary satellite arc is already crowded with operational satellites, itu satellite slots in the crowded commercial C and Ku-Bands. If these radio frequencies are unavailable, SBSP companies might pursue power beaming using lasers at 1.

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ITU-R accommodates the launch of new satellites as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the absence of servicing missions from the Earth or a renewable propulsion method, the consumption of thruster propellant for station keeping places a limitation on the lifetime of the satellite. Because licensed devices already are required to be tolerant of ISM emissions in these bands, unlicensed low power uses are generally able to operate in these bands without causing problems for licensed uses.

All geostationary satellites have to be located on this ring. The ITU which allocates the orbital slots to countries who in turn may grant use of their slots to commercial ventures requires that all players coordinate their frequencies so that there is no disruption of service. This ensures that the satellite will match the Earth's rotational period and has a stationary footprint on the ground.

Satellite separation[ edit ] Communications satellites' orbital positions are normally spaced apart along the geostationary orbit to provide for frequency reuse for both uplink and downlink transmissions. It also seeks ways and means to conserve spectrum and ensure flexibility for future expansion and new technological developments.

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Hall-effect thrusterswhich are currently in use, have the potential to prolong the service life of a satellite by providing high-efficiency electric propulsion. Its main role is to process and publish data and to carry out the examination of frequency assignment notices submitted by administrations for inclusion in the formal coordination procedures or recording in the Master International Frequency Register.

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Here are the answers that I slapped together from the Internet. There are two stable at This delay presents problems for latency-sensitive applications such as voice communication. In this way, itu satellite slots SES first brought DTH satellite TV to Europe it was not known what the demand for the services would be and therefore how many transponders would be required.

Additionally there are large numbers of satellite filings going through the ITU coordination process.

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A combination of lunar gravity, solar gravity, and the flattening of the Earth at its poles causes a precession motion of the orbital plane of any geostationary object, with an orbital period of about 53 years and an initial inclination gradient of about 0. How would a company obtain a geostationary parking slot for a SBSP satellite? How does a company obtain a geostationary parking slot for a SBSP satellite?

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In the event of a problem, spare transponders on itu satellite slots or more of the co-located craft can be switched in to take over, without interruption of the transmissions. The new entrant is obliged to ensure that their transmissions will not disrupt existing services.

Encouraging communication between nations through the harmonious development of the tools made available to them is our ultimate goal. Limitations to usable life of geostationary satellites[ edit ] When they run out of thruster fuel, the satellites are at the end of their service life, as they are no longer able to stay in their allocated orbital position.

For more than 20 years RPC Telecom has been identifying orbit itu satellite slots for clients in order to maximise their chances of coordination success and then preparing the necessary ITU regulatory filings to initiate the process of securing the identified slots and spectrum for the client.

Co-location is now employed at orbital slots across the geostationary orbit by many satellite operators, and is used by SES for multiple satellites at two of its Astra slots, Because communication devices using the ISM bands must tolerate any interference from ISM equipment, these bands are typically given over to uses intended for unlicensed operation, since unlicensed operation typically needs to be tolerant of interference from other devices anyway.

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Specifically, space-based solar power companies will broadcast energy from space to Earth at 2. In fact, they are just close enough together to appear to be at the same position so far as the beamwidth of the receiving dish is concerned. Any geostationary object placed between the equilibrium points would without any action be slowly accelerated towards the stable equilibrium position, causing a periodic longitude variation.

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Therefore getting this initial stage of the project right is of critical importance. Companies must negotiate with countries who hold the rights to orbital slots of interest. By separating adjacent itu satellite slots by a distance greater than the at-orbit beamwidth of the uplink antennas, the same carrier frequencies can be used to uplink to both satellites without interference.

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Our primary objective is to ensure interference free operations of radiocommunication systems. The first satellite, Astra 1A, had just 16 transponders for 16 analogue TV channels and this capacity was doubled with the arrival of Astra 1B without any requirement for changes to viewers' equipment.

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