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The prize combinations are varied enough that your past experience with slot games serves as only a minimal guide for what to expect. Many of the symbols are vertically or completely oversized in a dazzling array of random square combinations.

Aristocrat has also engineered its consoles and seating to accommodate people of different body shapes and sizes.

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Other Symbols in the Britney Spears Slot Game The high value symbols are 3-row stack images of Britney wearing outfits from concerts and music videos. In fact, the game like many other tower consoles prompts you to look up at special moments when you need to focus your attention on the top screen. The bonus rounds can be quite generous and if nothing else you'll enjoy listening to her music and watching her videos for a while.

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All Equalizer prizes are awarded with a Times 3 multiplier, but that is negated if the Crazy Bonus game is triggered by a Scatter set. But most of the game play occurs within easy view. Everyone is going to have their own favorite bonus feature. When bonus games are initiated the playing area literally changes shape and has an britney spears slot machine layout.

The worst of this was when I played soccer, and a kid who was much more talented than me on the team demanded to play her music before every game. While people do like variety they also like evolution in their gaming experience.

All the symbols are about Britney. Any prize amount you win is displayed against a rainbow equalizer that matches the current song. If you score the One More Time Wheel Bonus the game console converts the screen view to the inside of a massive wheel.

You are prompted to choose a bottle to reveal a prize. The free spins use 60 pay lines.

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Aristocrat has engineered a true entertainment experience in this game, combining state of the art console technology with classic pop songs and imaginative interpretations of Britney's songs. It really sounds like the reels click down in time with the music, if that is possible and it is — they would just have to do some math to make the reels spin at the correct speed after you click Spin.

Something you could easily fill britney spears slot machine for yourself with an MP3 player and a set of headphones.