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Player 1 may choose any open 8 on the number board, but may only place one chip on the board per turn. A member of the band told me after the game that it was played three times. Places one of your chips on the Number Board over an empty number space that matches the total of the dice. Prior to researching the matter I would have guessed that AZZ was sung during the Justice era but my guess would have been wrong.

I'll tell you about that later but I think it goes without saying that I was excited more than usual. A player can remove an opponent's chip from the board in the following instances: Pull my trigga or watch my nigga die I'm representin' to the fullest givin' devil slugs I'm on the block slangin' drugs with the young thugs And mothafucka, we be ballin' All mothafuckin' day long, stay strong We str8 ballin' Thanks to wrightboyj, Joedan, Sky Wittman for correcting these lyrics.

I did write Director Fuchs and thank him for playing what had become a very important song for a lot of us. But that's another story for another time. The idea of the game is to form the best possible poker hand from two dice and any of five communal dice.

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Stakes or chips, two dice and a throwing cup per player, and an extra five dice are needed to play. It amazed me how many younger Tar Heels inquired on the board when this subject was raging as to what exactly was AZZ.

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Once the initial betting is finished, five communal dice are rolled and the values revealed to all players. It can be played with a special set of five poker dice, each has the playing cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 printed on its six faces, but it can just as easily be played with a set of five standard dice by simply playing 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 corresponding to A, K, Q, J, 10, 9.

The first explanation is that AZZ was a campfire song traditionally sung at summer camps and other such gatherings.

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One of my objectives in maintaining this site is to chronicle UNC sports activities of the past for two groups of people. The player with the highest roll goes first Player 1.

Play continues back and forth until one player gets 4 chips in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Each player rolls the dice once to determine who plays first.

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Message boards do not retain posts in such a way as to make it easy to access previous messages on a specific subject. In my excitement, I didn't hear the song played but I confirmed from two different sources that it was played.

Prior to the Duke game, I asked a member of the band whether there had been any consideration given to my our request and she said that while she couldn't guarantee the song would be played at the Duke game, they had been practicing it all week.

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Tell Mama don't cry Even when they kill me They can never take the game from a young G I'm str8 ballin' Still on parole and I'm the first nigga servin' Pour some liquor on the curb for my niggas that deserve it But if I want to make a million, gotta stay dealin' It's kinda boomin' and today I'll make a killin' Dressin' down like a villain, but only on the block It's a clever disguise to keep me runnin' from the cops Ha, I'm gettin' high.

They had no idea what it was since they had never heard it but there was no shortage of "old timers" who were willing to explain it to them. A player rolls a 5 and a 3. This article will remain on this site as long as I maintain it and, hopefully, there will be those who discover the site later and have some interest.

Another round of betting is then made with players raising, dropping out, and then calling. Of course, players may bluff. I will write later about some of the traditions that are no longer around that I think are still appropriate and should be reinstituted at UNC.

Do not throw out the Content Holder. Then the play ends.

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Then an initial round of betting starts with players raising or dropping rollem holdem of the round depending on how they judge their chances with their two dice. This game can be played by just two to as many as six players.

The raised tab on the Clear Plastic Slide should be face up.

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It serves as a platform for the number board as well as storage for the chips and dice. A player rolls a 4 and a 4. I was so embarrassed that I didn't hear it when it was played that I haven't shared this with anyone until now.

It started out harmlessly enough but finally developed into a small scale war of words between the "old timers" and the younger fans. I'm ashamed to admit when I was singing the song in the 50's, I thought the words were I Zigga Zoomba, whatever that would have meant. Poker hands rank as below. Players start a round by rolling their two dice and keeping them concealed from all the other players.


In the meantime, Aye Zigga Zoomba. So, I wrote Band Director Fuchs again and asked about the song and this time I asked for reasons the song was not going to be played if, in fact, that was the case. I notice now that the words are even printed on some of the cups from the concession stand and these words confirm what the younger fans were saying in that "roll" 'em down is given as the correct wording instead of "mow.

Players then reveal their dice. Needless to say, I was encouraged that we might hear AZZ again. Nigga Better live your life to the fullest You 'bout to kill a fool, got a pistol mothafucka better pull it Cause even when they kill me They can never take the game from a young G We str8 ballin' To my niggas in the penitentiary Loked up like a mothafucka when they mention me Cause you fuckin' with the realest motha fucka ever born And once again it's on I'm bustin' on these bitches till they gone Who the hell can you get to stop me?