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Lateral slot, the photo-cells...

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That's almost holes that will need to be countersunk and fastened with a screw. The picture below shows a driver's station prior to painting and mounting. The picture below shows the first Custom Power Terminal Track placed in position.

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It will take several hours to complete this phase of construction, so take your time and work slowly and methodically. In the picture below the outer track sections that make up the hairpin turn have been fastened to the table top, but the inside pair of lanes as yet, have not.

Again I follow up with a lateral slot layer of Racer's Tape and staples. The Lap Timer Sensor Leads also need to be dressed and protected.

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At Manroc, we have developed innovative solutions and highly specialized skills making us a leader in narrow vein exploitation. It provides a fast lap with a challenging infield section.

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If you have lateral slot trouble light put a small screw eye in the underside of the table top to hang your lateral slot from. The red, lane number 1 lead is inserted in the first hole closest to the retaining wall with the remaining leads for lanes 2, 3 and 4 inserted in order after it.

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The photo-cell leads are run to a small junction box that will be mounted under the table in a later step. I test the car on Lane 1 first.

Four 4 holes will need to be drilled to pass the wiring and fuse block through the table's side frame. See the Landscaping section of this web site for detailed information and step-by-step instructions for creating a raceway that looks like an actual race track.

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Manroc has worked with major mining firms around the world, and has built a solid reputation. It can get dark under the table and having a good light source makes the entire wiring phase easier and go much smoother.

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Be careful though and get a friend to help. The next picture illustrates the wires passing through the table's frame and how they're attached to the driver's station terminal barrier block.

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If you have an automotive creeper use it. A series of two high speed turns separated by another short straight lead back onto the main straight. Track Landscaping The track as described above is now ready for day-to-day racing.

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All subsequently mounted sections will be attached to this cornerstone, so to speak, so take the extra time and make sure it's right.