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Slot calipers F I tried to change the title of this post to drop the word vernier but it wouldn't let me change the title!

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Is there some "slick" easy method or do you have to completely disassemble the caliper to fix it? Rich Carlstedt D rake60 To use the Slot Caliper, simply slide the slotted shaft onto the fin.

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I need a refresher on terminology, obviously However, a few days ago, it slipped a tooth and no longer reads zero when closed. It is very simple to reset the dial, just insert the tool in the slot and move the caliper to the proper position and remove the tool.

For skiers using the jaws method, the new version of the Digital Slot Calipers is clearly superior.

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The tool is a flat bar. I sent a request to the Mitutoyo website, asking for information on how to "reset" the teeth. Needless to say, my e-mail was never answered. They get adjusted regularly, and twice a year by the QC dept. The calipers come with the tool to do this. David solved this by having calipers made without the indentation. I'd be very suprised if zero-ing a Mitutoyo dial caliper involved any sort of disassembly.

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Gotta justify their jobs somehow! In the above photograph you can see the new version of the Digital Slot Calipers.

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I did not want to end up taking the whole caliper apart to discover that there was a simple way to reset the teeth with out disassambly. The pinion is spring loaded and rides up on the brass. I like to pull the strip fast to spin the pinion Make sure you clean the rack.

Update: Digital Slot Caliper

This is because most calipers have an indentation at the base of the jaws. I looked at the Mitutoyo website for Dial Calipers and came up with new ones to buy but no information on repair of older models.

The indentation is inconsistent from caliper to caliper. When this happens, the screws that hold the rack can be loosened, and slot calipers rack moved enough to re-align the needle. Once the fin is in as far as it slot calipers go, slide the lower jaw until it hits the fin. You just slip the flat key in against the rack to raise the pinion off of it, and it's trial and error from there.

Rich JCHannum Skiers who use the jaws measurement method for fin length will often find discrepancies in their measurements when they change calipers. Ten seconds later, I realized that the slot caliper is pure genius! When all else fails, remove the slide stop 2 small screws and slide the head off, then on again till the rack is timed.

Can anyone help me with the resetting of the caliper? For More Information This email address is being protected from spambots. Takes a little fiddling. I work in a CNC department where the work is fast and coolant soaked.

I hope Dave does not ask for his simple back, they are already in my tool box. You need JavaScript enabled to slot calipers it. You will not hurt the Dial Caliper doing this. The blue arrow points to the indentation typical of most calipers not specifically manufactured for waterskiing.

Then slide forward to reveal tail measurement number. It is a little hard to explain in writting astuce jeux de la roulette the first time you use the slot calipers, you will wonder how you measured without them.

The blue arrows show where the measuring surface precisely meets with the leading and trailing edges of the fin.