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If you decide to cancel your Time Out, you can contact our Customer Services team to discuss reopening your account s. If you wish to reactivate your account after the self-exclusion period has ended, you must call the Member Support Team to request reactivation of such account and there will be a one day cooling-off period before we are able to provide you access to your account.

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Any accounts found to be in breach of a self-exclusion agreement will be closed as soon as they are discovered. Do you play under the influence of alcohol or other influences?

Self-exclusion from one arcade, betting shop or casino: However, you could think about setting limits for yourself on the sites you gamble on, if you would like to gamble more responsibly. Please note that you should also Self-Exclude from all other operators.

New accounts you might attempt to open on the casino self exclusion uk that you have "Taken a Break" from during the break period may also be suspended to the extent detected by us. Where shops are part of your agreement, this part of your self-exclusion will remain in place for a further 6 months after the 12 months has elapsed at which point it will be terminated unless you renew the agreement as above, or complete reinstatement.

New Gala Coral Group accounts of any kind may not be opened. Where a deposit limit is set on a Coral Connect account, both deposits made to your account online and in shop will count towards your limit.

We accept no responsibility or liability if You fail to provide, or provide inaccurate or incomplete information which prevents us in our sole determination from applying Your self-exclusion to accounts or Coral shops. Returning from Self-Exclusion At the end of a self-exclusion period, you can discuss your options with a member of Coral staff To resume use of our services at the end of your Time Out period, or at any point, please contact our Customer Service team to begin this process.

Establish what constitutes an acceptable loss before starting to gamble.

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The Self-Exclusion will only be implemented upon receipt of the complete form. The agreement becomes effective immediately, but it may take up to 5 working days for Secondary shops to receive notification. If you cannot find out how to self-exclude, or if this is not an option i.

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During your self-exclusion period we will not send you any marketing material. Coral is fully aware of its responsibility to prevent persons under the minimum permitted age gambling by accessing its gambling activities.

Coral Connect customers who do not have website access or Telebet account holders can set and amend deposit limits by contacting our Customer Services team.

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If you hold a Coral account and also bet in our shops, you can request to self-exclude from both your accounts and Coral shops as part of the same agreement using either form. Where money is inserted in excess of a spend limit, you can collect the excess money, collect all money on the machine, or set new limits.

If you think self-exclusion could work for you, make sure you exclude yourself from all the places where you may be tempted to gamble. All Gala Coral Group accounts defined as galacasino. Please also be aware that both Gala Coral interactive and retail divisions may share information about your self-exclusion, and this may lead to an interaction with you.

Self-exclusion from UK bingo venues: Finally, any accounts linked to a self-exclusion agreement may not be reinstated until any other existing Coral shop self-exclusion agreement has terminated or the reinstatement process has completed. We accept no responsibility or liability if You fail to provide, or provide inaccurate or incomplete information which prevents us in our sole determination from applying Your time out period to accounts.

You can sign up at www. At the end of a self-exclusion period You can discuss Your options with a member of Coral staff by telephoning the Coral Customer Service team.

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These reminders will highlight the time and money spent in your current session. Account Self-Exclusion Where you opt to self-exclude from account sthis will apply to all of your Gala Coral Group accounts where located, defined as Coral online While the time out is in place, We will endeavour not send You any marketing material.

Machine Reminders Reminders will be shown on the screen: Are you trying to make up for prior gaming losses?

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Please note that your request to self-exclude may take up to 72 hours. You shall not be permitted to open or use a new account with any other site operated by us during your selected self-exclusion period, until such self-exclusion period has ended and you request that the relevant account is opened by you. If you attempt to visit a Coral shop and you are identified by a member of staff you will be asked to leave the premises.

If you wish to Self-Exclude without contacting a member of the Customer Services team you are able to do so while logged into your account.

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For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no such cooling off period with respect to any "Take A Break" period. Please ensure you include your username s when requesting the form.

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A 30 second pause must be observed if setting a new limit.