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So, if you haven't quite leveled enough to tackle the next main story mission yet but are still hoping to find more points to spend on, for example, the Tech wing, look for yellow encounter icons on the map: Putting your mouse cursor on these icons will also tell you exactly how many points you'll earn and what other rewards are being offered. This is most effective on a character built as a tank, which uses a Ballistic Shield with a pistol - in most cases the enemies won't be able to take any of your health, as the shield will block any attack.

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The duration time of signature skills is way too low for you to get something off that talent - you should look for something else on a weapon. You shouldn't use this talent at all.

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Playing with a single segment of health in order to get the full benefits of this you risk way too much - a single bullet from the enemy sniper, or a grenade blast will kill you. If you've got a couple of skills you rely heavily on, examine all the new gear you find to see if it contributes a bonus to those skills.

The equivalent of the "Prepared" talent, this time giving boost to damage when fighting on a short distance. A talent that is a must-have when using a marksman rifle - they have their own headshot damage bonus, the division talent slots every additional percent of damage counts.

As it is quite an unreal situation, this talent is pretty much useless. Perks are also passive. Stats and attributes While your abilities will define your role, improving your stats will make you better at it, and that's where you need to focus most of your attention.

A talent that might be useful only using a risky tactic. A talent similar to the one described above "Sustained"but a lot more powerful. On the other hand, it is quite situational - you shouldn't really be in the range of those effects in the first place. A good talent for those classes, that are focused around supporting the rest of the team which have a lot of cooldown reductionas well as for the tanks, that use Light Machine Guns to suppress enemies.

the division talent slots

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This talent would be good on support and healing-oriented characters, if not for one thing - it requires you to kill the enemy to gain the boost. Here's how those abilities work. This talent is most important for marksmen rifles, where you always want to aim for the headshot. Together with the "health for kill" attribute from gear, killing enemies might restore a whole segment of your health!

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You can't really count on that when playing in a team. Let's get to the builds. Blinding the enemy causes him to be disoriented for a few seconds, preventing him from doing anything. Together with the "Damage vs Elites" attribute from gear, this talent will turn even the most powerful enemies into regular cannon fodder.

A talent that is especially useful when using Light Machine Guns. We've put together some suggested character builds based on skills, skill mods, talents, and stats to help you become the most effective Division agent you can be.

Probably the most powerful weapon talent in the game. It will allow you to perform continuous fire without the risk that your bullets will scatter around the whole screen.

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The missions for these wings comprise your main story missions, and completing them gives you points to spend on upgrading those wings. What's more, there are encounters and side missions related to those three wings.

This talent is also good for support characters, as well as tanks, as those classes tend to have low damage output. Weapon acquires maximum accuracy faster when shouldered. Those weapons take ages to reload, and a free magazine is a blessing, as it allows you to fire at your enemy continuously. A powerful talent, provided that you can keep your health at the maximum is blackjack an automatic win the time.

If the talent is rolled on a weapon that is incompatible with it like an SMG or a Shotgunyou can ignore it.