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Gambling by gender,

And whilst there has been change there is still more to do, for this is very much at the coal-face, where the benefits of women in the workplace are tangibly visible. Ethical review and approval was conducted by the U. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Drug Alcohol Depend See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

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This means that gambling is as no different from those other sectors and industries currently engaged in the gender debate — namely that there are not enough women at the top.

Certainly there is no shortage of interest at the start, but what is interesting is that despite various best efforts to get gambling by gender proper discussion going and take the conversation forward, since in fact and the first Women in Gaming Conference, no one initiative has ever really managed to gain the momentum or level of ground-swell support needed to make a real difference or impact.

This was not due to of some evangelical pursuit of a diversity agenda or attempt to hit a quota — it was simply the result of a recruitment strategy that sought to hire the best person for the job. ICE may not be a true reflection of the industry and the attitudes of men who work in the industry, and there may be valid reasons as to why some aspects of the sector have greater appeal to one or other gender, and yes there are exceptions to the rule across all areas — but really when it comes down to it, a graphical representation of the number of women who work in the industry to the number of women who make it to the very top is still very much a trapezium — and not the pyramid it should be.

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The discussion about gender diversity in betting and gambling has been rumbling on for the best part of a decade now. Irrespective of gender, race, age, or anything else, this industry is not for the faint-hearted, and business and professional success can often mean being married to the job and having to make personal sacrifices such as children or family.

Participants were non-institutionalized adults living in the United States, and were assessed at Wave-1 and at Wave-2 Given that significant findings were observed in women and men for this category, follow-up analyses examined individual disorders. For those who sit at board level or operate strategically or at a distance the value of women in the workplace is not always fully understood or appreciated.

Office of Management and Budget.

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Unlike other sectors, very few people grow up aspiring to work in gambling by gender and gambling — most of the people I know, myself included, came to it by chance no pun intended. Past-year Wave-1 psychiatric comorbidity was assessed with binary measures of any mood disorder includes major depressive disorder, dysthymia, mania, hypomaniaany anxiety disorder includes panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, agoraphobia, social phobia, specific phobia, and generalized anxiety disorderalcohol-use disorders, nicotine dependence, and drug-use disorders.

Whether their aversions are based upon religious, moral, social, cultural or ethical grounds, betting and gambling remains a divisive subject, with more people against or indifferent to it than for it, and broadly speaking the act of gambling perceived to be more of a male rather than female gambling by gender.

The answer in my experience is no. Moreover, the specific factors underlying the differential progressions of specific substance-use disorders in women and men with ARPG warrant identification.

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ICE itself of course, where the sight of scantily clad promotion girls amongst what is a largely male audience usually manages to raise a reaction, which then carries through to the Women in Gaming awards and then eases off again for another year whilst we all get on with the business in hand. To be fair to the industry, attitudes are changing.

These findings highlight the importance of considering gender in prevention and treatment initiatives for adults who are experiencing gambling problems. As we move to a more competitive digital global economy, businesses will naturally need to focus more on what an individual can do rather than where they are from or what they look like.

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Dependent variables included the three-year incidence of any substance-use disorder, alcohol-use disorders, nicotine dependence, drug-use disorders, prescription drug-use disorders, and illicit drug-use disorders. As in previous work Pilver et al.

Gender ‘Diversity’ in Gambling – is it time to change the tune?

The reason for this is simple. Compared to say, retail, banking, health, education, hospitality, tourism, etc. Logistic regression modeling was adapted from, and is very similar to, techniques used in prior examinations of longitudinal NESARC data for incident outcomes Chou and Afifi, ; Chou et al.

The first and most obvious one is, are we getting our proverbial knickers in a twist about nothing? That, together with more enlightened and progressive legislation and view will bring change whether it is looked for or not.


Of course the conclusions are nonsense. This being the case, and given the lukewarm reception previous initiatives have had should we change our tune and sit back and wait for the inevitable - we could, for change is almost certainly coming whether it is wished for or not or do we continue our efforts to continue to champion the cause of not just gender diversity but raise our voices to champion diversity in all its shapes and forms.

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The second less obvious one is, if there is an issue to be addressed, is the lack of momentum, interest gambling by gender engagement a reflection of the way in which the industry is approaching the subject?

Gender-related differences extend to pathological gambling PGwith stronger links to substance-use disorders observed in women and women more likely to report negative reinforcement motivations for gambling American Psychiatric Association, ; Blanco et al.

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Abstract Background Cross-sectional studies have demonstrated gender-related differences in the associations between problem-gambling severity and substance-use disorders; however, these associations have not been examined longitudinally. A statistically significant interaction OR indicates that the association between ARPG status and the incident disorder of interest varies between men and women.

Is there actually an issue with diversity in the industry or are we just jumping on a populist bandwagon? Significant gender-related differences in the co-occurrence of substance-use disorders and PG and subsyndromal gambling have also been observed.

The fact that there is a gender balance at the lower levels and notable exceptions at the top shows the huge disparity between capability and opportunity.

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The same old tune — just a little louder. Finally, gambling by gender irrespective of our own often self-inflated views and perspectives, betting and gambling is, and for the greater part, and with the exception perhaps of lottery, gambling by gender will be a minority interest activity. In order to address existing gaps in knowledge, we investigated whether the prospective association between ARPG status and incident substance-use disorders differed in women compared to men among a general population sample of US adults.

And this gambling by gender the challenge, and the point that needs to be made is — if the inclusion of women has made such a positive difference at the bottom, just imagine what impact their inclusion at the top could have.

I would also say that in my experience, this representation is also carried across into the world of operators, regulators, providers, suppliers and social support groups — and as we continue to do more across jurisdictions and borders this blending will continue.