SEPTA Route 15

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The new bridges, rationalized in width to current Conrail trackage, will provide much greater road clearance by virtue of being relocated away from underneath the I viaduct. Besides a huge parking lot for all those classic cars, the store also has plenty of "eats" and it also features 91 Octane Non Ethanol conventional fuel. I think this was a dress shop.

If you have any pictures of the neighborhood from that time period that you'd like to share on this blog, I'd really appreciate it.

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Also part of the project is the construction of four separate bridges for Conrail tracks over a realigned Richmond Street to replace the low-clearance nuisance bridge left over from the former Port Richmond Yard. Take a stroll around the Park Circle National Historic District or grab some delicious outdoor "cruise food" and an old-fashioned root beer float. The prices of our services vary, but they are all competitive and can fit virtually any budget.

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We work individually with clients to create a painting plan that will meet their individual needs. These events are great opportunities for owners of vintage and custom vehicles to display their automobiles and for admirers to, well, admire them!

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We also offer competitive pricing. Since service returned inthe 15 line has spurred various development projects as well as renewed investment along the corridor. Sandblasting Gambling in gainesville fl We also provides a number of different sandblasting services.

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This loop is across from the SugarHouse Casino which opened in Septemberand is also a natural turnback point due to high ridership turnover at Front Street and Girard for the Market-Frankford Line. I haven't lived in Philadelphia for just about 35 years. Because of the specialized care that we take, there is no need to shutdown the facility while we are painting.

A men's clothing store. Once the whole area has been sandblasted, a smooth and even surface is revealed.

In the late fifties or early sixties they had children's matinee movies for 25 cents. Tuesday, March 10, Castor Avenue: Sun Ray Drug Store at Hellerman. I grew up near the intersection of Hellerman and Frontenac, just a few blocks from Castor avenue.