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Of course, some critics will point to Welker's high number of drops as a concern -- Welker led the NFL with 15 dropped passes in -- but the fact that wes welker slot routinely ranks as one of the most targeted receivers in football lessens the impact of his flubs.

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He uses an assortment of stems and stutter moves to threaten the defender's leverage before planting hard with his outside foot to win on a slant wes welker slot seam route.

He uses exceptional stop-start quickness to avoid defenders in space, while also displaying the strength and power to run through arm tackles. Here's how I think they compare in several key areas: In two full seasons, Cruz has totaled 37 receptions of plus yards, including seven touchdowns of at least 70 yards. From his precise route-running skills to his explosive big-play ability, Cruz is a serious threat to deliver game-changing plays from any spot on the field.

I thought this would be a great time to study both Welker and Cruz, in an attempt to determine which player is the standard-bearer at the position, so I popped in a few game tapes. However, the gradual transformation of the NFL into a passing league has resulted in more teams using open formations, with three or more receivers on the field on most downs.

Welker is a skillful route runner with a knack for getting open against tight coverage. The 35 year old was a dominant slot receiver during his six-year stay in New England, but a string of injuries — including several concussions — sapped his post-Patriot effectiveness.

Those traits have made Cruz a dominant playmaker who can deliver game-changing moments -- even while opposing defenses concentrate their efforts on him.

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Welker's deceptive tactics -- with an assist from a clever wes welker slot fake by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the backfield -- lead to an 8-yard score for New England.

Considering his effectiveness as a third-down specialist, it's hard to find a more productive clutch player. Not only is he courageous when working between the hashes, but Welker excels at making contested grabs on out-breaking routes with a defender hanging on his shoulder.

He has put together a remarkable six-season run of unrivaled productivity as a pass catcher while revolutionizing how offensive coordinators utilize slot receivers in the passing game.

Welker is, unsurprisingly, expected to help out with the receivers as well as special teams. Welker's ability to shine on the money down was critical to New England's success during his time there. Cruz is regarded as a standout runner in his own right.

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While his lack of speed means he relies on a clever play designer to create opportunities for him, his veteran savvy as a route runner allows him to routinely produce explosive plays.

Of Cruz's 19 career touchdowns, 11 -- including six in -- have been red-zone scores. Welker Explosiveness Most offensive coordinators in the NFL design passing plays to produce first downs, touchdowns or explosive plays categorized as pass plays that generate gains of 20 yards or more.

Cruz Running skills The rise of the quick-rhythm passing game has made it imperative that slot receivers possess stellar running skills. Welker played for coach Adam Gase in Denver and lives "minutes" away from the facility.