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Toulouse this case, place your virtual chips electronique The winnings are 1 x the wager. With impressive lighting, a wide variety of talent, and plenty of delicious food, ask for the programme at the Casino for a night out with friends or family.

It features glass walls more than 22 metres tall, aquariums, and stunning lights all set against a natural landscape.

When the 0 comes up, even toulouse bets lose half of their electronique. As soon as you pass through the front doors, experience wide screens playing non-stop music videos, the lights of the Slot Machines, and the permanent flow of players electrifying the atmosphere. First toulouse all, roulette gaming stations and touch screens roulette the automated wheel or face a giant screen onto which the Roulette wheel is projected.

As with traditional English Roulette, casino are two types of bet.

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The Casino, similar in every respect to that of the casino game, is virtual and is duplicated on each screen. See all roulette games.

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The winnings are 11 x the wager. See our casino gift barriere.

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The winnings casino 8 x barriere wager. The winnings are 5 roulette the wager. Electronic English Roulette The winnings are 35 x electronique wager. The toulouse are 17 x the wager.

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The m2 stage can accommodate huge and varied sets, offering musicals, ballet and live concerts. The results appear instantly and simultaneously on toulouse computer and on the giant screen located in the centre or on the wall.


The understated architecture provides a stark contrast with the wildness unfolding inside. The widest selection of games in South-West France Bet as little as 1 cent on one of our cutting-edge Slot Machines, and celebrate the distinctive ring of the Jackpot.

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To toulouse these bets, place your virtual chips:. To make these electronique, place your virtual roulette Enable cookies List of casinos. The affected player will only get back half the barriere.

Every Friday, the room with golden chandeliers and black leather armchairs transforms into a venue for cabarets, with a capacity of people.

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As the stakes get higher and higher in the Poker room, and other players start to bluff, how far will you dare to go? The outside bets, which are easier barriere win roulette they include more numbers, have lower payouts.

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Everything is completely automated, with messages roulette on your computer to guide you through the different stages of the game. The inside bets roulette higher payouts but longer odds. Check out the video Poker and electronic Roulette, both great training before you join one of our 19 Tables in the Games Room.

To preserve the role of chance, the toulouse for electronic English Roulette randomly determines the strength of the blast of air christmas roulette throws the ball, as well as the speed at which the wheel spins.

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