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All notifications and information live at the bottom of the screen instead of the top, where they normally reside on Android 2. Once installed, the card will appear as a separate drive when you connect your Nook to your computer. In a follow-up post, I'll describe my experiences with the Honeycomb ROM and explain how developers can use it for live Android 3.

Cons A bit expensive. There is a port of the popular Cyanogen ROM for the Nook Color that is under active development and is said to be very close to being ready for adoption. It has a lot of rough edges and major functionality gaps due to its peculiar genesis. Step top 10 hands in holdem Wedge the thumb of your free hand against the tab on the bottom center of the cover near the USB port and gently pull it away from the device.

Just insert the card and then turn on your Nook Color. Custom software on the Nook Color There are two different approaches to turning the Nook Color into a tablet: If your Nook Color explodes during experimentation, you're free to pursue a life of amoral crime and misdirected acts of vengeance against society.

The custom ROMs have the potential to bring a lot of value to the Nook Color in the long-term, but basic rooting is more practical for users who want a day-to-day tablet, right now.

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If you decide to make a tablet out of the Nook Color, you're not going to get version updates or support, for that matter. Tip It may be very difficult to remove the back cover of your Nook the first time you take it off. We will also evaluate the Nook Color's suitability as a low-cost tablet computer and discuss third-party applications that are particularly useful on the device.

On an Android-based device like the Nook Color, a user with root access can side-load third-party applications and introduce software components that have been extracted from other Android devices.

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The rest of this article will focus on how to root and enhance the standard Android 2. Gently casino ferienlager the metal cover.

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In this case, there is a possibility that you could brick the device. The device's color touchscreen and assortment of Internet-enabled applications help differentiate it from Amazon's increasingly ubiquitous Kindle. Step 6 Lift the cover up so that it stands straight upward on the hinge.

The N2A card is incredibly easy to use, comes with some useful apps installed, and removing Android is as simple as rebooting your Nook Color. It currently seems a bit more promising than Nookie Froyo.


Placing your Nook on a cushioned surface when removing the back cover will help protect the screen if you drop the device or your fingers slip. All the Google apps—Gmail, YouTube, and others—are present, as is the Android Market, which gives you access to all of the ,plus Android apps.

Individual users have limited access to the system and are generally prevented from performing potentially hazardous actions. Not everything is perfect, however. The build quality and hardware specs of the Nook Color are significantly better than the low-end, budget Android tablets like the dubious Maylong. That highlights a somewhat related issue: Slow booting, with confusing boot screen. It's not a tablet right out of the box, but it doesn't take much effort to make it think it's a tablet.

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Rooting also exposes the user to greater risk of potential security issues. CyanogenMod adds a bunch of interface tweaks to Android 2. Incredibly easy to use. Use your fingernail to slide the cover down until it snaps into place once it is completely closed.

The Nook Color is arguably a pretty good choice for Android enthusiasts who are looking for a device that couples decent hardware with a low-budget price point. Step 4 Slide your hand down the edge of the back cover to gently pull away the top corners and completely remove the cover.

Apps launched responsively, pages turned quickly and easily while reading in the Nook and Kindle apps, and Web browsing was as responsive as it is on most Android tablets. When you make after-market modifications to the embedded software on a consumer electronics device, there are always risks.

It will add the Android Market, enable multi-touch interaction, install the Busybox shell, and add some standard applications like the Android calendar, calculator, and e-mail client. Bottom Line The Nook Color is an excellent tablet hiding underneath a reading-centric version of Android, and the N2A card gives you an easy, useful way to bring out its tablet side.

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Unfortunately, the custom ROMs are still highly experimental and aren't quite yet ready for day-to-day use. Setting Up There are three different cards available from N2A: Although the tablet experience on a hacked Nook Color has some rough edges and annoyances, it still gives the user virtually all of the same capabilities as the more expensive Galaxy Tab.

In this article, we will explain how to "root" the Nook Color so that its software environment can be customized.

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The modding community will likely be able to build a more functional Honeycomb ROM for the Nook Color in the future after Google releases the Android 3. For some reason, when I first tried to download or update apps, the Nook Color would start downloads but never finish or install them.

There is also a separate project to bring Android 3. Preinstalled apps are excellent, easily removed. The Nookie Froyo project is a community-driven effort to build a stock Android 2.