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More than one module may be supported concurrently. You should leave the TV tuned to the channel you want activated i. If you look at the bottom of the CAM, you will see two rows of holes — these push into two rows of pins on the TV. Ask in our help forum Your Questions Q.

From your digital TV set, go to the on-screen menu, and look through the various options. Call your provider and ask them to send the activation code again. There should be a screen somewhere that allows you to confirm that the module is inserted, and check that the smartcard is present.

The Command Interface is extensible and there are several specification documents available which describe these extensions e. For example, the module can request the current date and time from the host.

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What is a CI Slot? Is the CAM a generic thing, or does it only work with a specific card?

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If you need to change your card so that it works in a different device, call Top Up TV and they may be able to arrange the switch for you. By reducing the widths of the address and data busses it has been possible to include a bi-directional parallel transport stream interface.

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The link and physical layers are defined in this specification and the higher layers are defined in the MPEG-2 specifications. You can try the alternative number which is slightly cheaper. I used to get Setanta Sports. The CAM should be automatically detected. According to the Fridge slot Interface scheme: Or, module can ask the host to display a message on the TV screen and can then read keypresses from the host remote control.

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First two of these three are necessary for initial handshaking between CAM and its Host, while the CA Support resource is necessary for descrambling the selected channels.

However these extensions have often not proved popular with manufacturers. What is a CAM? To use this service, module shall open a session to the "Date-Time" resource provided by host. If you have a fairly new digital TV set, you may find that it has a slot somewhere, typically covered up with a blanking plate.

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The upshot is that if you got a CAM and a subscription card, your TV would be able to watch extra content on a subscription-basis. The specification does not define the operation or functionality of a conditional access system application on the module. This can be done by opening a session to host's Low-Speed Communication LSC resource assuming that the host announced the availability of this resource.

Sky cards in Sky boxes have a similar restriction, where the subscription card is tied to a specific box. This is sent over-the-air and could take an hour or so to get through. Those algorithms are proprietary to individual suppliers. Command Interface[ edit ] In addition there is a command interface for communication between the host and module. A small device, not working by itself, designed to run specialized tasks in association with a host; for example, a conditional access sub system, an electronic program guide application module, or to provide resources required by an application but not provided directly by the host.

We understand that Sky does not approve of customers being able to use their subscription card in other equipment — probably what is a ci plus slot prevent people using their cards in other properties.

Each one uses their own algorithms and there is no defined standard for them.

How to install a CAM

Do this carefully, without using too much force — the CAM may stick out. The CAM has its own slot, into which you can slide a credit-card-sized subscription card. With ESPN, the advice is to tune in to Channel 5 on Freeview, and stay on that channel for about 60 minutes to allow the card to receive its activation code over the air.

The applications that may be performed by a module communicating across the interface are not limited to conditional access or to those described in this specification. A CAM measures 10 x 5.