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They promoted a plan to build a lock and dam so that boats would be able to pass above the Fall Line and travel up the Coosa as far as Rome, Georgia. Despite this, the future of the city seemed grim.

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Their descendants became important Creek leaders because of their mothers' status. Downtown Wetumpka covers two city blocks, and is bordered on the northwest by the Coosa River. The victim identified him. During his absence, the site was renamed Fort Jackson in his honor.

The newly created Montgomery County held its courts there. Lonnie Harrington, whose husband set fire to the fuel which reduced Townsend's body to ashes. With its strategic location at the river confluence, Wetumpka quickly became an important center of agricultural trade.

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Jackson made the fort his headquarters during the War of Ina Reconstruction government drew up a new plan of counties for the state, and Elmore County was created out of parts of Coosa, Autauga, and Montgomery counties, with Wetumpka as its county seat.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message Wetumpka was long settled by the Muscogee people, whose territory extended through present-day Georgia and Alabama. This was intended to stop the encroachment of British colonists and to foster trade and goodwill with the Creek. War and flood[ edit ] Though their civic pride was wounded by losing the capital to Montgomery, the planters and merchants of the region continued to flourish throughout the antebellum period.

They located their largest towns on the banks of the Coosa and at its confluence with the Casino near montgomery al Riverat Wetumpka and Talisi now Tallasseerespectively. Cotton was the commodity crop of the new state of Alabama, with cultivation of short-staple cotton in the upland areas made possible by Eli Whitney 's invention of the cotton ginwhich reduced the labor of processing.

Montgomery continued to grow during the two World Wars because of military spending in the region and the growth of the state government. The part of the city on the eastern bank of the river was commercial, with banks, stores, and hotels, and was located in Coosa County. Etymology[ edit ] The word Wetumpka is derived from the Muscogee language Creek phrase we-wau tum-cau. In Februaryrepresentatives from seven Southern states met in nearby Montgomery to form the Confederate government, inaugurating Jefferson Davis as their president on the steps of the Alabama state capitol.

After the war, many of Jackson's Tennessee militia returned home, collected their families and belongings, and brought them back to settle near the fort. Directly across the bridge are the city's three antebellum churches, the First Methodist, First Presbyterian, and First Baptist. Neither city had a majority of support; representatives from north Alabama, enraged that the capital was being moved from Tuscaloosa, were indifferent to either site.

Located at the fall line of the Coosa River, the port shipped out cotton bales by steamboats which went downriver to the markets at Mobile for sale.

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Inthe worst flood in the history of the city inundated the west bank and most of downtown. The roar of the rapids reportedly could be heard for miles before the construction in the 20th century of Walter Bouldin Dam and Jordan Dam, when the river was captured as a reservoir behind the dam.

Between andEuropean-American pioneers began to arrive, many with enslaved African-American laborers, and encroach on the lands of the Southeast Indian tribes. The dogs stopped at a tree in the outskirts of Eclectic. According to the U. Both the Black Belt cotton barons and the Mobilians wanted the capital moved.

One famous resident was William Lowndes Yanceya firebrand newspaper editor and statesman who was an influential advocate of states' rights and Southern secession. Veterans of the war returned to a city and a region whose economy had casino near montgomery al completely destroyed. Census Bureauthe city has a total area of The charred bricks were carried downriver to Montgomery to supply the building boom in Alabama's new capital.

The same year saw the majority of the male population of Wetumpka going off to war. Wetumpka was never harmed by Federal troops. The negro's crime was attempted assault on Mrs.