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Prepped track, as many runs as you want. Bring an extra if you like The show was solid and the sound was mixed very well and basically BAD Co.

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This album boosted Bad Company into stardom and seemingly spawned a growth of creativity as they produced 3 more albums at a yearly rate. Maximum 10 cars from Corvettes of the Bay.

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Leave voice mail if no answer. You will be exchanging these for 2 different pieces.

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The problem with Bands that have been around for damn near 40yrs or longer is that sometimes, they can turn into a mockery of themselves or some deranged "lounge Act" version. Howard Reese has been with Bad Co since and does a fine job on Guitar.

Live Performances

Simon Kirk is still a Monster drummer and pushes the songs forward the most live. Better song writing, better hooks, better vibe, better musicianship in general etc etc Hearing him intro "Rocky Mountain Way" as "a love song I was writing on a beach in Jamaica that went horribly wrong" and "that if I knew I would be playing this the rest of my life I wouldn't have finish it"!

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Here is a bit more information to help you decide if you want to attend: Ice Cream Run meet at 1: The Holiday Inn does not accept credit cards, so it is cash or check only. On the face of it Bad Company gave a great performance but, for me anyway, I felt like they were maybe playing it a bit too safe? They rose to prominence in the mid 70s, but have a career, which spans over 4 decades.

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Rich Robinson who is filling in for original guitarist Mick Ralphs due to medical issues is a great guitarist but really is not a "showman" and I think smiled twice all night? Please wear your name tag and park on the street. Their self-titled debut came out in and did exceptionally well in the market. Todd Ronning who replaced original Bass Player Boz Burrell who passed away in does a fine job and was the most energetic on stage I thought.

We will meet at 5: They also serve their normal menu.

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George Yursis is the contact. And everyone was on no question! Bad Company had a rough start in the 80s.

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We will need payment by Aug. Not the case with Joe Walsh who not only has put together a top notch back up Band, including among others long time Stevie Knicks guitarist Waddy Wachtel, but also is a very funny if sometime incoherent storyteller!