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Six holes 30 feet 9m deep have been drilled into the talus at the base of the American Falls. According to the USACE, Prospect Point was the site of the last major rock falls in when approximatelytons of rock crashed into the river below. If left exposed to the sun and wind, the shale will deteriorate more quickly than normal.

One hole is still to be drilled near the cofferdam between Goat Island and the mainland and another in the laboratory test series.

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Three truck loads of fill and three boulders were pushed into place seal the cofferdam completely this morning by A tenth hole was completed on Tuesday September 16th. Most agree the double barrel attraction of the trickle of water trailing forlornly over the rocks on one side of Goat Island and water flowing mightier than ever on the other side was worth seeing.

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Workers will begin scaling loose rocks from the face of the American falls on Tuesday or Wednesday. The deepest area of the Niagara River upstream of Niagara Falls is approximately 27 feet 8m.

The main problems are liability in case anyone is hurt and keeping tourists from interfering with workmen. As soon as the river was diverted, workmen constructed a fence along the brink of the Falls.

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He further stated a meeting would be held to try to resolve the problem. Installation of water pipes with sprinklers are being installed faster then originally planned.

Nearly feet A test made with blue dye showed the hole extended another 30 feet 9m with dye emerging in three places along the cliff edge indicating vertical seepage from the top layer of the rock into the secondary shale. At Grand Island, the river divides into the west channel known as the Chippawa Channel and the east channel imac roulette as the American or Tonawanda Channel.

Pipes used to keep the shale and river bed moist were removed last week According to Colonel Hansen, there is no way to know whether the Indian Head rock formation at the brink of the American Falls near Prospect Point will cave in. Darling Construction Company is installing tendons in the rock face and clearing away rock debris from rock slides which have closed Luna Island since early For this reason it may be properly called a strait connecting two inland bodies of water.

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The rate of water flow over the Falls prior to hydro diversion was in excess ofcubic feet per second. Current flow rates of water over the Falls are as follows: