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Click here to reveal them. HD - i5 OC 3.

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I only seek to release them from their chains. There should be a box beside every mod's name with a check to show it's currently activate. Maybe delete my gamesaves until I get to the point where I get the dog? I have no idea lol. Then go back out to the main menu and load your save. After falling sick with the TaintDog was put down by The Warden.

Show him what we know of death. I have 5 part members, after just getting Leliana. Following the Battle of DenerimDog was sent to the Denerim kennels to help replenish the diminished number of mabari hounds. Make a save with 4 members dog in camp of courserestart and load the game, worked for me some times.

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Dog's master was killed by darkspawn and he himself fell sick with the Taint at Ostagar, but was cured by The Warden prior to the war council. Btw there weren't very clear instructions on how to install or enable the mod, do I just put the files into packages and addins?

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Dog bonded with Alistair and was named "Barkspawn", accompanying his master into battle against Urthemiel atop Fort Drakon. Amokhunter Amokhunter 8 years ago 10 Not entirely sure But the dog whistle doesn't show up in my inventory?

Or do I find it somewhere else? Despite encountering them on more than one occasion, Dog was turned away by The Warden and was never seen again. As for mods, depends on whether or not it is in 'Dazip" format.

If that didn't do, i saved, disabled the mod, reload, force the load, save again and reenable the mod, load again. Dog helped defeat a band of darkspawn and was taken in by The Warden and their party. You have not even seen the camp yet, the first time you can go there is just after Lothering. After that just save your game in another slot, go back to the downloaded content menu and reenable the mod before loading the new save.

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Dog joins his master's side after raiding the larder in Castle Cousland. Dog remained unconditionally loyal to his master and was well-liked by his fellow companions, finding particular affinity for the QunariSten.

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Other than that, I just loaded up. He is not talking the camp in Ostagar. Though he was absent from The Warden's side during the Amaranthine Conflicthe fathered several litters of puppies during this time and returned to his master's side shortly after. If Dog was recruited: And sometimes going through a load screen also helps, sometimes a "small" one is enough, like entering a house, sometimes a travelscreen is needed.

Dog became infected with the Taint at Ostagar, and was saved by The Warden. Dog was slain by the Hurlock Vanguard.

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It will give you a warning about how it's now missing content, hit "force load" to make it load up anyway. Click it then go to the installed content tab to see all the mods you currently have installed on your copy of the game. The kennel master repaid The Warden by offering to bond Dog to them, but the disaster at the Battle of Ostagar impeded this plan.

I would try to clear a spot and reload and see if it appears.

Can't get Extra Dog Slot mod to work

Oh and if I'm in Lothering, can I even go to my camp anymore? To disable simply uncheck the box. When they finally locate Morrigan at The NestDog happily runs up to meet her. What can I do now? If Dog was killed: If Dog was rejected: If The Warden is a Human Noble: