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This was a very successful game, using great sound and programming to cast re-spin the reels with fishing reel sounds for bonus effects. Games that don't have a bonus round instead have random award multiplier 2x to 15xagain incorporated through the DMD.

So seeing a 10, coin jackpot on a game with 11 symbols was in many respects very deceiving bally slot machine belly glass instead of each reel having the obvious 1 in 22 odds, the odds were really much longer. Manufacturing of Williams games that used the Telneas virtual stop calculations were haulted, and Wms had to go to calculations based on 22 "real" stops.

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They just seem so "unreal" compared to a mechanical spinning reel slot. Another great feature of Williams slot machines are back lit reels. To me a TITO machines is not a slot machine, it's a money sucking credit cardish eating device, and is nothing I bally slot machine belly glass want in my home gameroom.

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The familiar Williams pinball "bong" is used as a Dotmation slot machine is turned on. Though all the rage at casinos, I personally hate "ticket in, ticket out" video slots. This is the method where the dollar bill acceptor "talks" to the slot machine.

Next are the spinning reel slots that have non-interactive bonus rounds, hence "sit and watch" entertainment these too are incredibly popular and fun. This gave Williams 36 stops instead of 22 without violating the Telneas patentwhich allowed for longer odds and bigger payouts though not as long odds as 72 stops.

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So the chances of hitting any position are 1 in That's why IGT slots were so popular during the s, since players had the possibility of hitting huge jackpots. First I would like to state that in regards to s Williams slot machines, no one seems to be archiving any information on these Williams is not doing this for example.

Even IGT didn't have this feature until 10 years later on their S series and as an upgrade option, not as a stock item. For example, in the case of IGT, their dollar bill acceptor never seems to work consistently. But they are also easily changed out to a single inexpensive ATX computer power supply for both upper and lower powermaking Williams slot machines pretty bullet-proof.

Hence this web page.

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On the Williams slot machines there are 6 lamps behind each reel strip, so even a 5-line game can show winning combinations. Even IGT's S series and Bally series can't compete with s Wms slots regarding sound and speech well unless you pay extra and have an additional sound board and software installed, and even then it's debatable if they are better. I would consider all these games to be amoung "the best" of the dotmation games as the bonus games are interactive involving player sections and choices.

It's just what you like. Towards the end ofAl Thomas of Williams came up with the idea of adding a x64 dot matrix display to their spinning reel slot machines. The elusive Williams Monopoly Dotmation slot machine. This includes the two Monopoly dotmation slots. In early Williams introduced their first spinning reel slot machine of the s with "Reel Em In" aka Fishtales slot.

Note model and model and model or 40s are Williams reel slots with or without Dotmation, model are Williams sit-down reel slots, model are their video slot machines, model are slant top sit-down video slot machines version of theand Williams Bluebird is their newest Linix based video slot machine.

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Another thing Wms did was to use the JCM dollar bill protocol. At that point Williams would crush the games. In my opinion, all other spinning reel slots like IGT are awful in comparison to Wms.

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Also they can change a game quickly as all that needs to be done is to swap the software in the case of a video slot machine. Overall IGT slots are not good for a "home" user, as working on them requires experence and a good understanding of their weird error codes and procedures to fix them.

Though I'm not exactly sure which was the first dotmation slot by Williams, it was probably X-factor or Piggy Banking. If you have a Williams slot machine dotmation, reel only, or video slot for sale please let me know. And the array of bizzare numeric error codes and weird procedures to fix them is frustrating.

Other state gaming commisions followed after Nevada declared Telneas as legal. I get asked a lot, "I want a Williams slot machine, but which is the best one for my home? Occassionally I have a Williams slot machine or two for sale or some game kits a "kit" is the top glass, belly glass, reel strips, and EPROM software so any model 40x can be converted to another game.

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When Wms starting making spinning reel slots inthey also used the Telneas idea. Titles and Pictures of Williams Slot Machines. This makes paying out larger numbers of coins more difficult and less lucrative for the casino, since the potential for big coin payouts is what attracts many slot players.

Williams Slot Machines and Kits for Sale.

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In addition to giving players the chance to win more, these games are more engaging than traditional slot machines, incorporating funny audio and video features on the dot matrix display.

Reel Em In embodied several of the cutting edge pay schemes of the early nineties, including multiplier features and several bonus games.