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When you use eggs, make sure that you crack it one at a time. The owners allow Buddy to get his old bowling team back together and bowl; however, Mary decides to get in on the action and creates her own team in a men vs. Among all the celebrations, Buddy takes a moment to reflect on the life of his most-valuable employee, Sal, who died two weeks earlier.

Other cakes include a "sweet sixteen" cake, a magnolia -themed cake that poses major problems for the Charm City staff, and a cake ordered by a nervous customer who plans to use it to propose to his girlfriend by placing the engagement ring directly on the cake. She tries her hand at repairing a cake.


Buddy's daughter, Sofia is having her first holy communion and Buddy makes a cake for her. Also, the Olney Theater Group wants a replica of Cinderella's carriage; a three-tier sushi cake is made; quick blackjack instructions a woman planning a wedding surprises her mother, a fanatic for all things Egyptian, with a birthday cake that looks like an Egyptian cat statue with hieroglyphics.

Richard creates a point buck groom's cake for an avid hunter.

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Meanwhile, a dinosaur-theme wedding cake is made for a couple who are getting married fondant slot machine cake a museum. I used an ice cream scooper to make the sizes uniform and I placed a Glad baking sheet so I didn't have to brush shortening on my cookie trays anymore. Then, with wet fingers, push the glucose out of the spoon and into the mixture.

Also, Carlo's Bakery sells pies on the internet on a trial basis, leaving it to the ladies to handle the sales. Attribution Homemade Glazed Doughnuts Make these sweet, pillowy circles—plus your pick of the glaze—in the comfort of your own kitchen. Later, Joey resurrects an old recipe for spumoni ice-cream cake. Also, Buddy makes a cake for a boy whose family recently moved to Hoboken, with the cake being mostly made of Pop Tarts.

Wet the measuring spoon with water first before scooping out glucose.

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Another bride and groom celebrate their different cultures in their cakes: Fluid Movement is putting on Glitterama, the annual winter community-theater talent-show fund-raiser, and Duff plans a version of the Dance of the Seven Veils. Erica, a part-time decorator, is getting married and has ordered a wedding cake consisting of pair of owls perched on a branch.

It makes it easier to combine it with the wet ingredients.

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Buddy for his father, Joey for Sal, and Mauro for his mother. A surprise cake is created for a man who has received his pilot's license; his wife orders a cake in the shape of a Cessna airplane.

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Two of Mary Alice's friends are getting married and their cakes get special attention. Patrick's Day parade; however, Joey fondant slot machine cake jealous, as Buddy is not Irish. By the way, do not overbake if you want your cookies chewy.

Then, Buddy and his two oldest sons get fitted for tuxes for the marriage renewal ceremony. The guys also make a special cake for Buddy's accountant friend, to celebrate the coming end of tax season; however, on account of his hernia, the cake may be more taxing on Buddy. Also, the convention is in Las Vegas. Later, Joey, still having trouble on deciding between his firefighter or baker careers, asks Grace for advice.

Season 5 —13 [ edit ]. The construction of the new bakery factory hits a setback, when Buddy and his contractor finds a cost overrun; furthermore, Grace is incensed when the model cakes being made for the new sales website are not being made correctly.

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Meanwhile, Joey, still torn between two careers, makes a decision that would please Buddy, his firehouse, and himself. Meanwhile, a medical student requests a cake for a marriage proposal to a fellow student, which he plans to make in the ER ward at a local hospital.

Remove from mixer, add the dry ingredients, and hand fold the ingredients. I don't have a budget yet for the pricey KitchenAid.

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The guys at the bakery also make a special cake for Buddy, as a salute to a fourth round of fatherhood after the child's birth.