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Casino cashiers typically receive on-the-job training where they learn company procedures, gaming regulations and gaming procedures.

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Attendants must be aware of the model of all the machines in the casino, since guests will often have favorite slot cashier duties, such as video slots or reel slots, or favorite games, such as "Double Diamonds" or "Video Poker," and not know where to find them. Casino cashiers are required to obtain a state license. The attendant also ensures the safety and comfort of the slot players.

Attendants call security when they see a guest who is making loud noises which annoy other players or behaving abusively toward guests or attendants. They may also perform credit checks and check credit references for those wanting to open credit accounts. There may also be age and residency requirements, which can vary by state.

This helps them promote special programs of the casino. They circulate through the area of their machines and maintain surveillance of the players.

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Among the commonly sponsored casino programs attendants help promote are hourly cash giveaways, monthly awards of new cars, free massages in the casino spa, rounds of golf, or meals in one of the casino restaurants. Those who work in a cage exchange tokens, tickets and chips for cash.

Requirements for licensure include a background investigation, drug test and photo identification. All casino cashiers sell casino chips, tokens or tickets.

Safety and Comfort

Casinos make no profit on slot machines that malfunction and prevent guests from using them. Each attendant looks after a number of slot machines, ensuring their proper functioning.

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All gaming workers need to obtain a license for employment. For large winnings on these slots and for others where large sums have been won, attendants supervise the payment of cash or the distribution of vouchers. However, strong competition was expected at casinos, and most employers require slot cashier duties job experience.

Cashiers may also be required to have experience in cash handling as well as math skills. Attendants also collect the required data from winners whose payments exceed the amount that must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Other requirements for casino cashiers may include previous work experience handling money or operating a cash register, good mathematical skills, English language proficiency, the ability to operate a computer and calculator, customer service skills and the ability to work independently.

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In instances of minor issues, such as bill jams, an attendant may correct the malfunctions himself. Attendants are called on to assist players who are disabled and need help. They must be prepared to stand for long periods of time and work in a noisy environment where smoking is allowed. Machine Function A slot attendant ensures all the slot machines she is responsible for function properly.

Incumbent on slot attendants is the need to be knowledgeable about local gambling laws and rules established by the casino.

Casino Cashier Job Description

In addition, casino cashiers must balance the books at the end of every shift and report large transactions to the Internal Revenue Service IRS. They are often required to work nights, weekends and holidays, so they should be flexible with their schedules.

Casino cashiers do not have education requirements, though most employers prefer a high school diploma or the equivalent. Casino Cashier Career Information Since most casinos are open 24 hours a day every day of the week, casino cashiers must often work odd hours. Find schools that offer these popular programs Resort Management Resort, Hotel, Motel, and Spa Management Restaurant Mgmt More Programs Casino Cashier Requirements Casino cashiers don't have any minimum education requirements, but many employers prefer job candidates who have at least a high school diploma slot cashier duties its equivalent.

Casino Cashier Slot cashier duties Description Casino cashiers are responsible for carrying out a variety of transactions in a casino and handling any required paperwork.

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Program Promotion Slot attendants proactively build relationships with guests. Safety and Slot cashier duties Slot attendants must also ensure all players are behaving properly. They often get requests for directions to restaurants or bathrooms. Others work in a booth and cash checks, process credit card advances and process wire transfers.

In some casinos, slot attendants pay players who have won a large amount of money and they promote special programs offered by the casino.