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Use the gum-shield by itself to get an impression of your teeth. Put the ship in full reverse, and break away! When it is empty, climb the ladder and use the tin opener with the barrel. The tumblers should be put in place from the top down To get the top tumber in place, turn the wheel on the door until all of the tumbers are rotating.

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Find the room with the two chemicals, and put one of the chemicals inside each deflated balloon. Follow it, and pick up a bone from the pile.

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Wait for Glottis to climb up, and then switch the pumps back on again. Go back to Glottis, and put casino calavera remastered heart back in. Use the turkey baster with the dirty water from the sink. Use the bone grinder to sprinkle bone fragments into the crack, then use the sproutella with the bone fragments. Pick up his cigarette case, and take it back to the security check-point.

Use your scythe on the kitty litter to locate the metal wind creek casino wetumpka events, and pick it up. Get the tin opener.

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Walk down the tunnel and pick up the spooky key. The greenhouse has been redecoratedHector-style. Climb the rope of ties, but this time walk around the corner, and enter the office of Domino Hurley through the window. Year 3 In Dock How does Manny manage to be so successful?

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You now need to do the following to break free from your moorings this still involves a bit of thought — shock — as to how to achieve these things: Return to Glottis — you can now drive out of the forest. The periscope behind you looks very organic — try prodding it with something pretty sharp like a scythe.

Turn the wheel the other way.

OST Grim Fandango: Remastered - Casino Calavera

Walk down the passage and get the suitcase. At least you got your union card. Watch those birds run! The tumblers must be flush to the door-jamb — their straight edge should be in the line with the edge of the door. Climb up, and open the window of your boss. The harbour-master will rescue you.

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Unfortunately, Glottis decides you need another swim in the Sea of Lament. Pick up the coffee maker, and climb the ladder. Talk to Charlie the guy sitting casino calavera remastered and ask him to make you a fake union casino calavera remastered.

Bowsley has run away into the labyrinths, where a scary monster lurks. Sprinkle the bone fragments at the mouth of the cave you saw Bowsley run down, viking slots no deposit codes get the Bone Wagon to give you some light.

Walk towards the lifts, and use the one on the left-hand side of the screen. Walk towards the festival to encounter to sarcastic clown.

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Go to the docks where the Sea Bees are. Drop the sheet over Charlie, and tell the LSA member to make the fruit machine pay out. You can now go to the North on the other screen. Use the bone in the web, and then use your scythe on the bone. The patch to fix this is available on the LucasArts web site. Use your mug in the mug-tree, and then use the oily rag in the toaster.

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Walk into the kitchen, and get the rag from the drawer. Use it with the oil drums in the cable-car station, and walk back into the casino calavera remastered. Open the coffin to find the grumpy guy from Year 1. To open the safe, you need to use the Bust-All on the lock to reveal the tumbers.

Pick up the gold flake drink from behind the bar, and go through to the roulette tables. Back on the ledge, use casino calavera remastered corral on the loose end of the rope made of ties.