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The firewall features include multiple Layer 2 and Layer 3 security contexts, hundreds of interfaces, and many other complex features to provide information security. The hot swappable feature eliminates downtime when replacing the power supply.

Unlike the previous examples, the line cards hold a full copy of the supervisor's routing tables locally, as well as its own L2 adjacency table i.

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Almost every configuration command in the Cisco IOS software has a no form for easy disabling of almost any function. The Cisco IOS software system modular design enables users to purchase the software modules they require without purchasing entirely new software, providing software investment protection.

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The others continue forwarding and apply relevant egress queuing. In this mode, assuming all line cards have a switch fabric connection, an ingress packet is queued as before and its headers are sent along the dBus to the supervisor.

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This was first introduced into the Supervisor Engine The remote restart capability enables you to remotely power cycle or shut down as needed through any third-party relay controller. The reason 9 slots are used for the calculation instead of 8 for the cef is that it no longer needs to waste a slot with the switch fabric module.

Layer 3 operations, the switch must be run in hybrid mode. These modular multilayer switches deliver secure, converged services that perform on any device. In this instance, the user is unaware of where a command is being executed on the switch, even though technically two IOS 6509 slot are loaded—one on each processor.

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In this instance, an ingress packet 6509 slot queued, but its destination looked up locally. To make configuration changes, the user must then manually switch between the two environments.

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Many configuration commands in the Cisco IOS software syntax can be returned to default settings by typing default before the command name. This switch provides up to 2 terabits per second of system bandwidth capacity and 80 Gbps per-slot bandwidth.

These line cards have 2x8gb connections to the switch fabric and no classic bus connection. This mode is the default shipping mode for Cisco products and enjoys support of all new features and line cards. This FWSM firewall protects inside networks from unauthorized access.

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You can also control outside access by inside users. The '' is derived from a chassis using 2x20gb ports on 9 slots of a chassis. The packet is then sent across the switch fabric, queued in the egress line card before being sent.

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The initial egress line card takes this information and forwards the data to the correct line card along the switch fabric. The supervisor then looks up the correct egress port, access lists, policing and any relevant rewrite information on the PFC. You can also configure the FWSM firewall with Cisco Catalyst Series Switches to protect inside networks from each other, creating individual secure internal networks such as a human resources network and a general employee network.

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Those line cards for whom the data is not required terminate processing. This is placed on the result bus rBus and sent to all line cards.

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This feature substantially reduces maintenance costs and improves mean-time-to-repair for your Cisco Catalyst Enhanced Series Chassis. They also provide PoE for converged data, powered devices, voice traffic, and wireless access points, simplifying your network and eliminating cost redundancies.

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The speed of the classic bus is 32gb half duplex since it is a shared bus and is the only supported way of connecting a Supervisor 32 engine or Supervisor 1 to a You can speed your software communication with keyboard shortcuts, and a history buffer that stores the last 20 commands you entered and allows you to repeat key sequences without retyping. You can access the command line interface using directly connected, telnet remote or modem remote consoles to make software adjustments.

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