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Then I say my good byes, because I am ready to get out of there before anyone notices the pee mess I left in their bathroom LOL! My pee even sprayed over onto the walls and the garbage can! But the man apparently didn't know - or didn't pee casino - that security cameras were filming his every filthy act.

At this point I was completely full of amazing feelings of completing such pee casino task! Finally once I am all dressed, I give you a few more views of the piss covered bathroom floor, still laughing about when it is finally seen by another person! I even took off my shoes for the naughty things I had planned LOL!

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They slowly drop off of the hairs. It seems to sit there, just poking out forever, but as soon as it begins to poke out, it slides right out of my little asshole and lands on the bathroom floor!

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I show it to you on my finger, before I grab a piece of toilet paper and wipe it off. It just kept coming and covering the tiled floor! There are two different versions of this video. The vile chancier drops his trousers half way and emits another chunk - while stood up at the slot machine.

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I even had a little bit of cream falling from the back of my pussy, because I was so turned on to be SO naughty in public! I find a singular restroom with a locking door and walk in. I put my hand on one of my ass cheeks to pull my ass apart and slowly let the poo start to come out.

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Then I give you one last spread and push my asshole open to see if anything else is stuck there and another tiny peace is stuck in the same way. They had to institute a 'reservation' system for slot machines so that people could leave them for short periods of time without other people playing them.

The footage shows the unhygienic punter enter a room full of slot machines.

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The sad thing is that people don't want to leave generally because they can't bear the thought that someone will walk up and put a coin in on the very next spin. I let out a sigh of relief haha! I'm sure people have pissed their pants playing cards in the backrooms of saloons as well. I felt excited, naughty, and fun to poop on the floor of a public bathroom LOL!

Then I start walking around in the pee, letting my feet play and splatter in it! Compton resisted arrest, getting physical with officers when they attempted to take him into custody, police said.

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Before long, it all becomes too much for commodores ip casino, so he drops his trousers, squats in a corner of the room and indulges in a public poo.

There is a pile of my turds lying underneath me while this goes on. Then a tiny little piece starts to poke out, pee casino comes to a slow stall.

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I grab my ass cheek and shake my ass, but nothing is working, So I just let it be and let go of my butt cheek, and stand up. Once I am finished playing in all of this pee, I realized that I had to poop!

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Sometimes they don't even do that We walk through and try to get out without being noticed. The implication being that the the more you play without hitting the jackpot, the more likely it is to be coming up soon.

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I stop in between each piece of clothing to grab my crotch and bounce around to prevent from pissing my pants LOL! We walk pee casino the front and there is an employee posted at the front door to check IDs. William Robert Compton, 53, of Manalapan, was arrested policier mort roulette russe Friday after he allegedly relieved himself in the coin tray of a slot machine at Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.