Arms Warrior DPS Gear and Best in Slot in Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.0.1

Best in slot level 60 warrior gear, recommended...

I decided to cap hit and expertise because there are the free stats to do so, and it's more of a quality of life thing, since feral damage comes mostly from bleeds.

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Subtlety Rogue - Best in slot level 60 warrior gear doesn't care about expertise, but it's so hard to shed in ICC that I went for the cap anyway. If you want more aoe elemental is the highest aoe spec at 80feel free to reforge more agressively for mastery, as it's a much stronger stat for that purpose.

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Tank Small note, given the farm status of wotlk raid content except LK and Halion heroicstanks do not have to gear optimally anymore. I will include lists for both sides, however it isn't going to be with immediate effect.

They also don't root very well, which makes mez breaks very painful.

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However, the twilight scale loses two things. Like balance, it struggles with hit overcapping, but I've managed to get exactly the hitcap here.

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You will not do as much burst however, as the lack of shadowmourne means a lot of lost strength, in exchange for more procs and razorice. Binding Shot and Intimidation are the obvious choices here, comes down to personal preference. The healing will drop a little, but you will no longer have mana issues. This forces raiding guilds to go to a huge amount of extra work: In contrast, Warriors shine when facing the toughest of the tough, the monsters so nasty they make the raid encounters page, where our disciplines allow us to survive when any other class would die.

Offering best in slot PVE gear lists for raiding in World of Warcraft.

And unlike Paladins whose damage is unimportant in the grand scheme of things, warriors can do quite a bit - again, with the right weapons. Because of the overcrowding at the endgame, Rogean and Nilbog implemented extremely not-classic variance: Warriors are also more gear dependent.

On Loraen I took about half as much damage enchanting for his group mostly from my charmed ilis knight. Fire Mage - Fire at 80 tends to like almost all of the secondary stats, although it prefers crit before the others. Resistance Auras at lvl 74 take spell pen probably not worth gearing forand 85 spell pen at level It's the strongest stat for the spec, so I've gone for more best in slot level 60 warrior gear pieces in this set.

Because these spawns can occur at any point in the day, a raiding guild on P is basically a Euro guild and a North American guild welded together for 24 hour responsiveness. But while Paladins can generate hate by using their spells, Warriors, as you shall see, need elite weapons to do so.

As to haste vs mastery, more calculations are needed to assertain which is the more useful stat, given the sheer amounts of haste and crit which are available to level 80s.

Burning Crusade Best in Slot (BiS)

Shadow Priest - The shadow 4pc is hard to weight. I forget the hitcaps for 70 and 74 but they're not bad too figure out. It was a tough call between using the Sharpened Twilight scale vs the Death's choice. Mastery isn't included, as in LK raid content, it doesn't get a lot of use although it isn't useless. Crit is still better at 80 however.

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EDIT- if you want an idea, this is my resto druid. Thrill of the Hunt is strong with its high proc rate, Fervor is also quite strong with a 30 second cooldown.

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It's quite possible to get the 3 second crusader strike cooldown at level 80, but I didn't, as it is a dps loss to drop that much mastery. Retribution Paladin best in slot level 60 warrior gear Haste is much stronger at 80 than it is at 85, mainly because it's conversion rate is higher.

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Interestingly, all three tanks were hit for an average of 95 damage yes Virginia, AC is indeed broken. I've chosen mastery here, as there is already a lot of crit from gear. I don't want to discourage new players from rolling on the server - it can be a lot of fun.

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With his snap aggro Grizluk and Loraen were much more effective. Spirit Bond offers the most overall healing, while Exhilaration offers the best burst heal.

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Double solace of the fallen is also another setup of trinkets that works it's just less management for less regen Retribution Paladin - At this point, all the socket bonuses are worth it. Assassination Rogue - Since Assassination doesn't get a huge buff to AP, secondary stats start to move ahead, particularly in mastery.

GamParse results don't always add up, because not every player was attacking all the time Results Group two was the most successful; we got a king after placeholders and although we did have to use the exit portal we had a minimum of casualties. Time and mathwill tell if the 7SP bonus on the legs is worth it, as it's a little under 4 SP per socket, which is slightly lower than the single sockets.

Gear The top items are the best in slot.

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Paladins don't get any benefit from mastery past If you wish to play feral dps as well, it might be a good choice to gem for these bonuses.