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Special offers Lavaux Classic, As you know, I am originally from Lyon. International sounds have constantly inspired his music, which he has continually reinvented. This time — his seventh appearance — he will be coming with his African Rhythms Quintet.

Electro-acoustic music is the same: Comme Claude, la cuisine a une grande importance pour moi. At The Montreux Festival The epic song by Deep Purple, who were in the audience of the concert, is deeply and inextricably tied the Festival. I want to shake up the audience by inviting them to rediscover my music in a new way. Prenez la musique nouvel an au casino de montreux Miles Davis: At this 50th Festival, Hancock will be joined on the stage by several longtime friends, including the Scofield-Mehldau-Guiliana trio At 76, this influential American pianist and composer has been a major figure in the history of music since the s.

I want to keep the surprise intact. What is your most cherished memory out of all those that connect you to the Festival? The Festival was immediately at his feet, and invited him back eight more times, most recently tapping him as one of the mentors for the inaugural Montreux Jazz Academy in His amazing career has taken in most of the 20th century.

That was without a doubt the first physical sensation of the impact of sound on my body.

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At a time when our society gives us access to the entire world, we each find ourselves with a sense of deep solitude. A pioneer who never chose between harmony and rhythm, he has an insatiable curiosity and continued his musical explorations by composing for large and small screen in the s while continuing to produce what would become jazz standards.

Not content with being one of the biggest names in jazz, Herbie Hancock is also the biggest name in the Montreux Jazz Festival, where he has been invited some thirty times. The pioneer of French electronic music is coming to present Electronica, the fruit of enthusiastic encounters. Massive Attack, Hans Zimmer, and Peaches are, on the surface, quite different, but I share with them that love of exploring soundscapes and that physical conception of music.

In Africa — Morocco to be precise — he discovered gnawa. That is what brought us together, and gave the project coherency.

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I think that Claude would have liked that. Vous savez, je suis originaire de Lyon.

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Since and their origins in boogie rock combining blues and raw swing, this multiple award-winning, sunglass-wearing Texas trio have lost none of their eccentric verve Nonetheless he was already considered one of the leading figures in a redefinition of the grammar of jazz in the United States.

It needed to be a moment between friends, with lots of special guests. This New Yorker has intimidating charisma and the attitude of a natural-born leader. Becoming a magnetic icon upon the release of Born to Die in through her graceful, ethereal songs, the young woman who used to sing in church and school choirs has pursued her glorious destiny without a false step.

Je veux garder la surprise intacte. What is the place of jazz in your musical background? With a stupefying voice, this indefatigable performer, natural-born leader, and absolute star who just won her third Grammy in February will share the stage this year with four other acts: I knew Claude Nouvel an au casino de montreux well, and I admire the open mind nouvel an au casino de montreux allowed him very early on to integrate and mix different styles of music out of a deep love for the sounds and the artists.