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Casino lease. Review- Leases and Management Contracts for Hotel Casinos

This could force the tenant into bankruptcy or make the operation unprofitable.

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This inflationary factor is added to the monthly payment. The owner designs incentives to produce bottom line performance from the management company, while the management company tries to limit the participation of the owner in operation's decisions. Davidson, The lease should also contain who is responsible for the cost of taxes, assessments, utilities and other overhead costs.

Other insurance risks could include business interruption and liquor consumption. Davidson, Leases involve many risks and problems to both tenants and landlords.

Managers should not make system reimbursable expenses subject to negotiations, since this would create inequities among properties in their system. Therefore, the percent of revenues in hotel casino contracts is generally less and more emphasis is placed on participation in the "house profit".

When net income is used problems generally occur. However, since house profit is a defined term, it may consist of the above and then reduced by certain items such as debt service, both principal and interest. Likewise, the casino lease has less control and financial risk.

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Therefore, less disagreements arise if the gaming revenue is used exclusively. Both parties typically waive rights of subrogation to stand in each-others shoes in the event of a loss. If the landlord can increase costs while keeping the tenant captive, he may do it.


The manager in turn uses its expertise to create value by generating operational cash flow. Over the years, the length of contracts have become shorter to give owners more options. Leases tend to be for fixed periods of time ranging from 10 to 50 years or more.

The relationship follows three key principles. These costs may include marketing, advertising, sales, accounting and procurement. This range is used to note the difference between large and small hotel casino operations.

These problems usually relate to an operators overhead costs where services are shared between other operating entities by a parent company. Review of Hotel Casino Leases and Management Contracts The gaming industry has seen many changes in the last few years in the way some large casinos are owned and operated.

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Negotiations for the contract usually center on the sharing of financial risk and operation's decision making. Also, the tenant should look carefully at the list of operating costs and ask for an annual statement of expenses to guard against overcharges. Landlords should seek agreements with tenants for them to "hold harmless" the landlord.

Some of the items frequently funded by management companies are working capital, operating inventories, gaming equipment and pre-opening expenses. The tenant should resist the landlord's efforts to narrowly define what type of business will be permitted. Because of the reversion, a fixed period of time is needed to provide the lessee the casino lease to recover the improvement cost and, since the lessee has assumed the financial risk, an opportunity to make additional profits if the business is very successful.

The casino revenue is the only revenue capable of a clear definition as to gross.

This is also true if the tenant breaks the lease. Also, the short term allows the owner to remove a bad manager and reduce termination payments to buy out a manager Eyster, The common form of this is when a landlord fires the existing service companies and starts his own, charging exaggerated prices. The casino lease can become more important than the stipulated rent when problems occur.

The landlord should have prior review of any repairs or alterations made by the tenant. The logic behind this definition centers on these costs being the costs associated with owning the property.

Also, the owner does not have to be as involved either financially and managerially. This approach has become common with the introduction of variable rate interest charges. On the other hand, an owner must protect his property from corporate charges that are abusive such as private airplanes, executive retirement, expensive corporate offices and support staff that may not be directly needed for his property.

Which ever term is used, the need for a for a clear definition is important. This can potentially involve large casino lease when repairs are made to the building's exterior and roof.