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You can play from the comfort of your home at PokerStars, for example, and you don't have to worry about the possibility of being robbed or of being involved in a gambling raid. In almost every city there are poker events to attend or participate in and Alabama is no different in this regard.

Alabama Gambling Laws

This means the reels and graphics you see on the slot that you're playing are purely for entertainment purposes. Lottery Unlike the hypocrisy of some other states that offer no gambling and still allow lotteries. Alabama certainly hasn't done this and most likely never will.

On any given Friday or Saturday there are any number of Texas holdem tourneys going on.

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Since being outlawed in all the US on black Friday some states have opened their own territory locked online poker rooms to offer their residents some virtual poker action. Alabama Poker Cardrooms There are currently no legal cardrooms in Alabama, although the state of the underground poker scene is beyond the scope of this article.

Casino gambling and cardrooms are not permitted in the State of Alabama. Poker is still flourishing in Florida and you'll be able to find dozens of rooms across the state with a good variety of games and limits running all the time.

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These games are presented to the player like a normal slot machine, however they aren't weighted texas holdem in alabama balanced to play individually, instead they're linked to a central computer that is running a non-stop bingo game and awarding wins to random machines throughout the establishment.

Moreover, no table games are permitted at all so this also rules out blackjack, craps, roulette and all your other favorite luck based games.

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The other three casinos in the state that offer class 3 slots are all located on native American land and are therefore exempt from some of the state laws and issues that face Victoryland. The only way you'll be able to play online poker in Alabama is by breaking the law and the terms and conditions of the relevant poker site by using a VPN and peer block application, or you must wait for the game to be allowed again at the federal level, which may happen one day, but not for quite some time.

So What Can You Play?

So What Can You Play? For a fee, anyone can now join in and enter a tournament and feel good knowing that the proceeds are going to a good cause.

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This is a real shame as there's certainly an appetite for these types of games in the state, but the overwhelming majority of people and politicians seem not to want to support them at all. The one certainty is at this time you won't find any legal or regulated live Texas holdem poker action anywhere in the state.

Until then, enjoy your poker action in Florida and Mississippi.

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Please remember that this site is intended for informational and entertainment value only. You'll find several good options in texas holdem in alabama along the Mississippi river and elsewhere in the state.