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Heating up NFL football is primarily a cold-weather sport. Some areas with shallow water, such as Sapodilla Bay or Taylor Baycan have a water temperature that is several degrees higher than at coasts more exposed to the open ocean.

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After one of the heavy rains, mosquitoes can be a nuisance for about three weeks. Heavy rains typically once or twice per year are the primary determining factor on mosquito density. Average Monthly Water Temperature.

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When the Temps Drop Some people may shudder at the thought of spending hours exposed to the cold, but that's simply not the case for NFL fans. However, the majority of hurricanes that have hit the TCI have occured at end of August to mid-September. Areas exposed to the wind, typically the eastern coasts, tend to usually be free of mosquitoes. Cold Wins The winning percentage for teams in freezing weather reveals some interesting information.

These fumbles wreak havoc on team strategies. This relationship helps ensure that these games will be exciting to watch - and provide some of the most memorable action of the year. A vast majority of stadiums still feature open-roof constructions as well, which ensures that both players and fans alike are subjected to the will casino weather averages Mother Nature.

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Hot and Cold The top 10 coldest games in league history all took place in temps of single digits or below zero. But despite the recent expansion of season lengths into the winter months, the average temperature of an NFL game is actually on the rise. Here's a look at weather-related stats for the NFL over time, including those from some of the most extreme games ever played.

At night, staying in an air conditioned room can greatly reduce the chance of bites.

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Perhaps it's time to consider the weather when choosing your Sunday lineup. Teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans are all recent additions to the league, which cause a spike in the records of average game temperatures.

Average Monthly Rainfall inches Water Temperature The average water temperature fluctuates less than air temperture, ranging from 79 in the winter to 84 in the summer.

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Turnovers Looking for an advantage in your fantasy league this year? They seem to feed off of adversity, becoming ever more ravenous as temperatures plummet and the winds begin to howl.

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The best cold weather record goes to the Packers by a large margin. The beautiful beach and water at Leeward, Providenciales.

At these temperatures, everything becomes difficult - resulting champions league slots constant loss of footing and plenty of turnovers.

To avoid your holiday being ruined by a hurricane or more likely, the chance of oneyou may want to scheduling to avoid visiting between August 31 and September casino weather averages Windy Weather Temperature isn't the only external factor that can affect gameplay; windy weather can make passing plays and field goals much more difficult.

Teams can choose between real grass, synthetic turf, or a hybrid of the casino weather averages. The islands in the Turks and Caicos are affected to different degrees.

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After heavy rain, mosquitoes and sand fleas can persist for weeks due to the larger number of natural fresh water ponds and caves. Anyone who watched football in the late '60s might recall the "Ice Bowl," a championship game between the Packers and Cowboys where the temperature dropped to minus degrees with a terrifyingly low windchill of minus Grand TurkSouth Caicos and Salt Cay have the least issues with the pests, but can still experience them a bit after rains.

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Just how cold can it get on gameday?