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You need to provide a photo which will be scanned onto the card - which is then used as a personal OV-chip card. To check-in hold the card once against the NS card reader. Contact How To Buy Dutch Train Tickets If you want to get a handle on using the Dutch rail system, then here we discuss in detail the different types of rail tickets available in the Netherlands and how to buy them.

If you live in Netherlands or have a Dutch address NS has a number of discount card options which can be bought on a subscription basis.

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If you have an OV-chip card you can place it on the white and pink card reader to check the balance, add credit or travel products onto the card. Make an estimation of the credit you will use and load this onto the card when you purchase it. Unfortunately, they do NOT accept euro banknotes.

At the end of your trip you just need to check-out as usual using the standard card readers - you don't need to check-out using the supplement readers. Should I buy an anonymous OV-chip card or stick to single-use tickets? The single fare will be deducted from a personal or anonymous OV-chip card after check-in and check-out.

For more on the rail network in Netherlands see our Dutch Railways Guide How to Buy Rail Tickets at the Station At NS train stations you can purchase a range of disposable rail tickets as well as buying anonymous OV-chip cards and loading travel credit.

Train Fares in Netherlands

In general you must always be travelling away from the station where you checked-in. Press "Other Products" on the homepage screen if requiring children's Rail Runner tickets, anonymous OV-chip cards, supplements and other ticket types.

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For more info see: However the discount is not valid if checking-in during the weekday rush-hours of and If a return is required a second Group Ticket can be purchased for the return leg. To validate the ticket passengers must check-in and check-out of their journey using the card readers near the platforms or at the gate barriers.

It is not valid on trains run by other companies. E-tickets come with a square barcode. Kids aged 3 and under travel for free.

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It includes the holder's name, photo and date of birth. Here are some features about using the OV-chip card for rail travel in the Netherlands: Railrunner tickets can also be bought as an e-ticket train station international slot added as a product onto an anonymous or personal OV-chip card.

After checking-in and -out the discounted fare will be deducted. Prior to that it can also be removed manually using a NS ticket machine. There are no seating reservations required on standard trains.

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Single-use tickets These are disposable OV-chip cards eenmalige chipkaart and can be bought at any Dutch NS train station. At stations with closed gate barriers look for the gate with the "scan ticket" symbol and scan the barcode on the reader on the right-hand side.

Before travel they must go to a ticket machine and load the 'Combined Travel Discount' Samenreiskorting product onto their card - it's possible to specify 1 or 2 journeys. Singles and Day Returns are valid between midnight on the travel date to the following day.

Rail Ticket Formats in the Netherlands

Note that the Holland Travel Ticket mentioned above is probably more convenient for visitors. Not sure which station in Amsterdam? See further below about fare types such as the single, day return or RailRunner kids ticket. The child must check-in and -out of each journey. If you plan to do a lot of travelling on a single day either in terms of distance or using different forms of transport then this ticket could offer good value and not having to buy separate tickets.

Select your destination, class, date on-the-day or up to 1 week aheadthe number of tickets and choose your payment type. The OV-chip card credit is valid on all forms of public transport in the Netherlands and means you do not have to buy a separate ticket for each trip - as long as you have sufficient credit.

Any travel companion who wishes to travel at the discounted fare needs to have their own personal train station international slot anonymous OV-chip card. It works the same way as the anonymous card but includes other features such as guaranteed card replacement if lost and automatic top-ups using direct debit. Cards purchased at NS stations are automatically activated for train travel. NS Group Ticket Groepsticket - This is an e-ticket only deal which allows people to make a single journey blackjack tap any 2 stations on the Dutch rail network.

Standard fares cover travel in 2nd class carriages. Travelling by train is convenient, reliable and reasonable value for money. It is available at the ns. Personal or anonymous OV-chip cards The personal or anonymous OV-chip cards can store travel credit which can be used for rail travel at standard fares by simply checking-in and checking-out between 2 stations.

The day return can also be bought as an e-ticket.

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With a valid train ticket checked-in OV-chip card you can jump onboard any standard service to your destination and just find a free seat in your class. NS e-tickets are personal and require name, date of birth and accompanying identification.