What is the Difference Between Gambling and Investing?

Investing in stocks like gambling. What is the Difference Between Gambling and Investing? - dawapunk.info

Lawmakers and regulatory bodies need to be clear on what the terms mean, so they understand the scope of their legislation and regulation, regarding prohibited behavior, adequate disclosure, participant protection aw casino code similar issues.

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Also, some people invest more aggressively than they should, which is virtually identical to gamblers who bet more money than they can afford to lose. Of these the foremost are: However, venture funds typically yield higher returns than stocks because a small percentage of the firm's investments are home runs, more than making up for complete losses on other investments.

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Replace cryengine gambling word 'gambler' with 'investor' for each question and the questionnaire is equally useful, but for a different purpose.

One passage in the article leaped out at me: Beyond the Dictionary OK, so the dictionary definitions aren't very useful. Follow Yuval Taylor and get email alerts Your feedback matters to us!

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This has been my practice: In The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and MoneyJohn Maynard Keynes defined speculation as "the activity of forecasting the psychology of the market", and speculative motive as "the object of securing profit from knowing better than the market with the future will bring. But what about Edward O.

Beyond the Dictionary

Similarly, while some people who invest in high-tech stocks do it for the potential returns, others do it because of the rush they get from the tremendous volatility.

Conclusions So what's my resolution to this definition conundrum? Looking at investment as a long-term plan for the future is good planning, but trying to make a fortune overnight is not. Most long-term investments return a profit over time, making them much more like buying bonds or certificates of deposit than rolling dice in a casino.

As long as there are new technological and other improvements that lead to increases in productivity, the economy is likely to continue to grow.

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I'm sure your answer to this question would be slightly different than mine. When people use generic terms without ever specifying what they mean, it's easy for those terms to gradually change in meaning, and I think that's exactly what the internet is causing to happen.

The relationship between gambling and investing is made explicit in the abstract to the paper that Bill Benter read: However, generally speaking, we invest for the future.

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For the purposes of the current investigation, we could either reclassify investing-type activities that aren't productive as gambling, or we could consider these to be exceptions to the rule. Furthermore, while it's possible to calculate exact odds for some casino games, this is rarely the case on Wall Street.

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Did I merely sidestep the ambiguity, and sweep the gray areas and the important exceptions under the rug? Those who have ethical problems or religious issues with gambling or even investing owe it to themselves to figure out exactly what they object to and why.

To this end, I offer the following definitions, which are built from the various characterizations in the above section: I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions.

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Gambling is a specific act or series of acts, centered around immediate gratification. Regardless of exactly how you choose to invest in the stock market, make sure that you understand that the people who say that investing in the stock market is like gambling are missing the big picture. Similarly, while for most types of gambling the odds are against you, it is possible for the odds to be in your favor.