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Nuvolari finished 2m26s after Fagioli and only 3. Nuvolari finished the sixth lap in 1h04m By the time they passed the grandstands at the end of lap three, Nuvolari had regained the lead with a lap of tsto gambling Nuvolari finished the second lap in 10m Meanwhile Fagioli in the Scuderia Alfa passed Taruffi's privately entered Maserati, but they were already 40 seconds behind the two leaders.

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On the fifth lap Nuvolari once more passed Campari, but this time he started to pull away. He borrowed a bicycle on the spot, pedaled along the racetrack and eventually arrived at his pit as a modest cyclist to the amusement of the crowd.

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After seven laps and a record of 10m But Nuvolari drove like a man possessed and his effort was only good enough to save second place, just ahead of Taruffi in the other Maserati monoposto. The exciting duel between Nuvolari and Campari continued during the third lap. Earl Howe mentioned in The Motor October issue that "Campari took a corner too fast, his car ran up a bank and overturned; fortunately he was not badly hurt.

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The spectators gave Nuvolari enthusiastic shouts of acclamation and celebrated him as the moral victor of the day. Straight had retired along the track with some mechanical breakdown.

Borzacchini got stranded after only 12 km with a seized driveshaft universal joint at his Maserati's gearbox.

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In the meantime Campari had again succeeded in passing his opponent. He was hit in the middle of the colorado casino referendum by a bird while going at full speed: Siena had retired somewhere on the road with a mechanical breakdown.

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Varzi maintained his fifth place, followed by Dreyfus, Zehender and Ghersi who retired at the pits. The spectators experienced an unbelievably thrilling duel between the old rivals Nuvolari and Campari.

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From the tenth lap on, Nuvolari no longer forced the race and everybody was convinced of his earned final victory since Fagioli posed no danger to the leader due to his very steady driving.