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Right now the Advisor is really just a starting hand simulator that will show how these starting hands fare in a multi-way environment. Avoid getting involved with meaningless pots.

Basic turbo poker tournament strategy.

From early position your range for shoving should be relatively tight, while from the cutoff or button you can open-shove a much wider range of hands as you have fewer players behind you left to act. With that in mind you may need to create your own modified opponents which see even more flops we'll also be working on providing some of those Having said all that The fact that these tournaments run so quickly means that the players at the table will already be in a gambling frame of mind, and will be willing to risk a lot or all of their stack even when the blinds are so small.

The early stage of these turbo tournaments is going texas holdem turbo be your only opportunity to play 'proper poker', as the blinds are going to be small in relation to the size of the stacks. This will allow for a two raises before one player is going to be all-in, so there really is not much room to move around. The stop and go play can be very effective in certain situations at this stage.

You might well mostly fold through the first couple double diamond slot machine odds levels of a turbo, but after that you can ill afford to do so. Open-pushing your last 10 big blinds with from the button is much better than reraise-shoving. This will help increase your chances of winning a hand if you are prepared to push your entire stack in the middle, but don't feel that it will push your opponent off the hand.

Those are some tips to get you started with turbo tourneys. This analysis was done with one person playing according to the strategy on this site vs. If I've got a strong hand I'm going to raise a big amount and hope to catch someone over playing a weak ace and try and force them to put as much in the middle as possible, but this is no time to try and pick up small pots with fancy plays.

Take advantage of players who tighten up. There is very little room for post flop play in these games, and after the first few rounds you will not be playing much poker after the flop, as you are likely to be all in by this point. Go back to the awesome Texas Hold'em Strategy.

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Say a player opens for 2x from middle position and you have on the button with 10 big blinds. It outperformed the five tough opponents at this table although it does not outperform them if the entire table is tight.

So in a nutshell, good turbo poker tournament strategy is going to involve good starting hand selection and picking the right spots to move in.

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You have less time to make adjustments, to recover from mistakes, and to wait for the perfect hand or spot from which to make a move. You can usually get a texas holdem turbo mix of turbo, super turbo and occasionally extreme turbo poker tournaments at the majority of the top online rooms.

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We then placed the advisor in the company of some different opponents. Other than this however, I am going to stick to playing with premium hands, but widening my starting range up in late position. If not, then the chances are that I am going to fold. You will miss out on the money a lot of the time, but don't let it get to you. Next, rake is not taken into account in these samples, so you need to factor that in when you are playing low limit poker.

The results above are afterhands were dealt at texas holdem turbo hold 'em table vs. It is likely that there are very few players left in the game, and so you should be happy to push with a much wider range or starting hands.

You really need to play a large amount of these games to be able to consistently win money, so get used to some pretty big swings if you decide that you want to regularly play in turbo tournaments.

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Avoid trying to get tricky with marginal holdings, just stick with the big hands. The difference is you have less time to develop these reads, and a smaller sample size of hands in which to do so. Play to win the tournament by taking 1st place, rather than playing it overly safe and trying to make it into the money.

Early stage strategy.

There is no doubt that you are going to experience a lot of variance in these games, so don't expect to see results after a handful of tournaments. Online — say, on PokerStars — non-turbo tournaments typically feature levels lasting 10 or 15 minutes or longerwhile a typical turbo tournaments features 5-minute levels and a hyper-turbo tournament has just 3-minute levels with the blinds and antes increasing more rapidly as well.

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All that comes down to table selection which is critical for this strategy to make you money. Don't be surprised to come up against wild plays early on. Stock Turbo Texas "loose" profiles may not be as loose as some of your opponents.

For help with those tough all-in decisions, try learning how to use the independent chip model.

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