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Perhaps the illusive and mythical "cooler? He played another half shoe after the shuffle and colored up and left. A director's cut has been broadcast by the Independent Film Channel and Cinemax. He bet minimums the whole shoe and didn't seem very interested in his own hands.

I look at the dealer and he frowns, dips his voice and says I am sorry but he "has" to get his spot. This is a movie without gimmicks, hooks or flashy slickness I broke even, then I got out of there hoping to never to see him or his kind again.

The Golden Phoenix was finally closed for building rehab inand since then has been undergoing a conversion to condominiums, which are named The Montage. The film premiere was at the Sundance Film Festival. The Cooler did show in Reno, Nevadaduring its limited release. I proceeded to ask him where a casino cooler Georgia because I used to go there for business and knew the area well.

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Similarly, I had another boss actually go to the bar, get a salt shaker and start sprinkling salt around the table, believing that this would be unlucky for the players and would cool the table down. Rest assurred, even if they did use a "cooler" on you, it wasn't because of it that you lost.

Golden Phoenix Reno casino employees were used extensively in the filming of The Cooler. Superstitions run rampant in the gaming industry, and it's not just the players that believe in them.

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I stopped him and said this is my spot. Either he's an undercover casino employee trying to see if I'm doing anything funny or possibly the mythical "cooler. Tw0 shoes that I was playing were red hot from the start, and it was one of those days where I couldn't bust, the dealer was constantly busting, and I was gifted with numerous picture-perfect double down and split hands.

A middle-aged gentleman showed up to the table and struck and conversation with me and asked if the table was hot. Anyhow, the shoe finished "ok" after a casino cooler sat down not as hot as before.

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In order to show Bernie's evolution from loser to winner, costume designer Kristin M. As the dealer is clearing the table, the "Cooler" is gone in a flash.

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He said "Haha, unfortunately I need to head back to downtown to my wife soon. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Now, consentration and zone is gone and within one or two tosses seven shows up.

He would stand there, not play, get free drinks waterand ask me stuff like "why did you do that? Now, I don't really believe in superstition and I think the shoes can go one way or another and it has a mind of its own. I also colored up a and left the table to go grab some dinner.

When I walked up to the tables they only spot open was in close to the hook at the straight out position. It seemed like minutesbut actually was a a casino cooler of time but I had set and hit 4 of the firebet, the only numbers left were inside dont actually remember them, but maybe 5 and 8, or something to that effect. From James Whitaker's seductive camerawork to Mark Isham's lush score, The Cooler places all the smart bets and hits the jackpot.

He asks how I'm doing again, and I said it's going good Still at this point, I am not suspecting anything. They argue about every seven that comes up, about every losing blackjack and, and about every time they lose money they rant that the casino cheated them. I'm usually mild tempered but this guy started to irk me after about 30 minutes.

Gambler, bikini contest judge, and lounge rat Location: When I say "cooler," I am not referring to a guy who has special power to turn the table cold. The hotel buildings demolished during the a casino cooler credits are the Aladdinthe Sandsthe Landmarkand a casino cooler Dunes hotels.

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After he sat down, he struck conversations with me asking where I was from and where I normally play. Then a few phone calls by the pit, and then the "cooler," shows up to my table.

Lastly, there are some players who are such pains in the asses to be around that might be labeled as 'coolers'. Does anybody else think the casino hires people Coolers to walk around and throw you off your game if you are winning? There was not a lot of real bigtime cash on the table and the firebets bigtime for Paris but maybe I just happened to be in a long line of players hitting 5 and 6's of the Firebets that day or maybe that 24 hour period and they needed to stop it from gambling adages up the days cash tally.

I answered politely, and reciprocated the same question.

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So, does the casino have coolers. Now its around 1.