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Unfortunately for Carmen Miranda, the production doesn't do her justice, the overall effect is disappointing, but still she sparkles the picture whenever she appears. Despite MGM's efforts to change Miranda's persona, her roles in both productions were peripheral, watered-down caricatures relying on fractured English and over-the-top musical and dance numbers.

She returned to the US on 4 April When Miranda began singing "The South American Way", a song from one of her club acts, the audience began to boo her. She was one of stars nominated for the American Film Institute 's 50 greatest screen legends.

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She greeted the audience in English, and was met with silence. Miranda performed a musical number in O Carnaval Cantado no Riothe first sound documentary on the subject and three songs in A Voz do Carnavalwhich combined footage of street celebrations in Rio with a fictitious plot providing a pretext for musical numbers. She sang "Diz Que Tem" which intended to empower a social class which was usually disparaged.

We finished work about 11 o'clock and she seemed happy. According to Bananas Is My BusinessMiranda's family blamed her troubled, abusive marriage for her nervous breakdown which forced her to return to Rio de Janeiro for four months to recuperate.

While performing in Cincinnati in October, Miranda collapsed from exhaustion; she was rushed to LeRoy Sanitarium by her husband, Dave Sebastian, and canceled four following performances.

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Another song, "Bananas Is My Business", was based on a line from one of her films and directly addressed her image. According to Time magazine, the film "turns out to have nothing very notable for anyone".

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The incident deeply hurt Miranda, who wept in her dressing room. Miranda played Chita Chula, billed in the show-within-the-film as "the little lady from Brazil"—a cheerful comic sidekick to leading lady Doll Face Vivian Blaine with one musical number and little dialogue.

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The following day, the Brazilian press criticized her as "too Americanized". She was again fourth on the bill as Rosita Cochellas, a rumba teacher who first appears about 40 minutes into the film and has little dialogue. The film was later banned in Argentina for "wrongfully portraying life in Buenos Aires". Several months after the film's release, according to Cinearte magazine, "Carmen Miranda is currently the most popular figure in Brazilian cinema, judging by the sizeable correspondence that she receives".

She was accused of commercializing Brazilian music and dance, but Miranda can be credited with bringing its national music the samba to a global audience. Miranda's dresses and photos exhibited at the Museum in Rio de Janeiro. After completing "Jackson, Miranda, and Gomez", a song-and-dance number with Durante, she fell to one knee.

The Gang's All Here was one of 's 10 highest-grossing films and Fox's most expensive production of the year. Its lyrics were allegedly replete with non-Argentine themes, and its sets were a fusion of Mexican, Cuban, and Brazilian culture. Miranda's ambition was to play a lead role showcasing her comic skills, which she set out to do in Copacabanaan independent production released by United Artists starring Groucho Marx.

Fox could combine the footage from both cities because the singer had no dialogue with the other cast members. A standard backstage plot permitted 23 musical numbers and, by contemporary Brazilian standards, the film was a major production. Miranda's next screen performance was in the musical Fernando fernando meneses casino casino, Hello Brazil!

Although she tried to finish her act, she gave up and left the stage when the audience continued to boo. A special effect made her fruit-bedecked hat appear larger than possible. Returning full-circle to her first Hollywood film, Down Argentine Wayshe had virtually no narrative function.

Although the marriage was brief, Miranda who was Catholic did not want a divorce. The baiana became a central feature of Carnival for women and men. For her contributions to the entertainment industry, Miranda has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the south side of the block of Hollywood Boulevard. In the first production MGM wanted to portray a different image, allowing her to remove her turban and reveal her own hair styled by Fernando meneses casino Guilaroff and makeup by Jack Dawn.

According to a Life magazine reviewer: