The Shadowlands: Famous Hauntings

Dragsholm slot ghosts. Dragsholm Castle - Denmark's Haunted Mansion -

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The reason I first fell in love with ghost stories is because of the many layers of history that lurk behind each story. It is one of the only remaining Baroque style castles in Denmark and it is certainly one of the oldest. When the building of the castle was completed, it became the residence for both kings and several noble families. They are also responsible for transforming the structure into a hotel.

He was so angry that he actually made the servants of the castle imprisoned his daughter inside a thick wall of the castle! Nonetheless, their love was discovered and the father was so upset that he ordered the servants of the castle to imprison his daughter within a thick wall of the castle. There have been numerous sightings of her.

Once the structure was complete, it soon became the home for kings, as well as a variety of noble families in Denmark. InDragsholm Castle was sold to the nobleman Frederik Christian Adeler and finally rebuilt as the baroque castle we see today.

When the castle was finally completed it became home to royalty and nobles alike. She is believed to be the ghost of a young serving girl who died of a tooth ache.

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It is said that a few of those prisoners who died there still haunt Dragholm to this day. When she was a young lady, she fell head over heels for a commoner who was employed at the castle. The relationship went on for some time. When doing this, the workers actually found dragsholm slot ghosts little hole in the wall with a skeleton with a white dress in it! Address and phone number of Dragsholm Castle.

But the gray lady is almost never seen, and less known than the two following ghosts: The Earl has been seen riding into the courtyard of the castle with his horse and carriage. The ghostly sound of the horses hooves clopping on the stones can be heard oyster bar crown casino in the night.

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Actually, the castle has three ghosts: While Dragsholm Castle allegedly has over a hundred ghosts, there are three spirits who seem to gather the most attention: Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

The Earl of Bothwell: She fell in love with a commoner and when her father found out he was so angry that he imprisoned her in the dreaded tower. The castle is also said to be haunted by two other ghosts. Unfortunately, she got she got a serious toothache which caused her great pain. The original Dragsholm Castle was built around by the Bishop of Roskilde.

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In the 's, when the old walls of the castle were torn down, workers found a hole in the wall and a skeleton with a white dress in it. During the Middle Ages, the building was modified from the original palace to a fortified castle.

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As dragsholm slot ghosts thank you, she returns to check on visitors. The last ghost to haunt Dragsholm Castle is a gray lady. In the large tower at the northeast corner of the castle, prison cells were made.

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There is a white lady who is said to be a daughter of one of the bovles who owned the castle. A worker in the Dragsholm Castle at one time, she haunts the rooms at night.

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Since the father was a rich and noble man, they kept their love secret. During the Count's Feud —36 Grevens Fejde it was so strong that it was the only castle on Zealand to withstand the armies of Count Christoffer. At one point in it's long history, Dragholm Slot, as it is known to the Danish, was turned into a prison which hosted some famous residents.

Believed to be the daughter of one of the former castle owners, she fell in love with a servant at the castle. Situated in Sealand, Denmark, the infamous castle of Dragsholm Slot has a history that begins during the 12th century. The ghost of the Grey Lady is thought a woman who once worked at the castle as a maiden. His ghost is dragsholm slot ghosts to haunt the dragsholm slot ghosts courtyard with the sounds of carriage and horses.

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So maybe the old story is true, since it matches the liric roulette of the eye witnesses and the story itself.