Final Fantasy X - Item & Equipment FAQ

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Is there any way to get [Ribbon] in the US release? Emerald Ring; Any 2 of: Marching Ring; Any 2 of: Chocobo Wing x80 Ability: Eliminates random monster encounters. Danse Macabre; [Deathstrike] This is a complete guide to making any kind of equipment in the game, and what that particular equipment looks like, and is called.

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Nimbus Rod; [Double Overdrive] If Wantz isn't there, you're best off fighting Varunas and Adamantoises in Sin and the Omega Ruins, both of whom periodically drop empty 4-slotted equipment. All of the weapons and armor are like this - unremarkable until you add certain combinations of auto-abilities.

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If I had a dime for every stranger on the internet who asked me that Ominous Rod; Any 2 of: Snow Ring; [Ice Eater] Petrify Grenade x60 Ability: Emerald Guard; Any 2 of: The weapon auto-abilities are called [Distill Power], [Distill Mana], [Distill Free online slots big ben, and [Distill Ability], st john newfoundland casino serve the same function as Sphere Distiller items, that is, to force an enemy to drop a particular type of sphere after battle.

Belladona Wand; [Poisontouch] Moon Ring; Any 2 of: Scoring Spree; [Double Overdrive] Emerald Shield; Any 2 of: Silence Grenade x20 Ability: Black Magic Sphere x1 Ability: Curative Ring; [Auto Med] Buckler; Starting armor - C. Prior to Rikku joining your party, however, you may only buy equipment in shops, find it in treasure chests, or win it the old-fashioned way from monsters.

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Rod of Ice; [Icestrike] Ochre Shield; [Lightning Eater] Half MP Cost Effect: Occasionally zombifies the enemy. Changed ALL auto-ability and a few more equipment names to English.

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Teleport Sphere x1 Ability: If I have several characters equipped with [Gillionaire], does it stack? Allows you to attack first, irrespective of speed or having been ambushed by the enemy.

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Three million gil's worth of bribery later, every single equipment name has been translated. Always protects against sleep.

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Stone Cold; [Stonestrike] Petrify Grenade x10 Ability: Water Gem x20 Ability: Mana Tablet x2 Ability: Stamina Spring x2 Ability: A word on [Break MP Limit]: Bright Shield; [Darkproof] or [Dark Ward] Lots more armor names converted to the US release, and two more Frequently Asked Questions have been added to the growing list.