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Some are battered and bruised after a lifetime of use and may no longer be entirely original. Compatible con todas las pistas analogicas 1: This site is a work in progress, with new photos being added as and when I find time to take them, either of the newest slot car releases or better photographs of my existing collection of cars.

For other use, please ask first. If you spot any errors, please let me know. Be sure to add me to your favorites list! Saving in postage by grouping items! Picture from a show model item.

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Papponni slot digital C or Ninco digital These days we've a huge choice of cars from a variety of manufacturers, but in many towns we've lost our toy and model shops, replaced instead by online retailers and eBay; very convenient, usually cheaper, but impersonal and risky, with no opportunity to examine our prospective purchases.

In most cases we're provided with little more than one small grainy photograph on which to base our buying decision, eBay in particular being a minefield of terrible photography, wildly optimistic descriptions and unscrupulous sellers.

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Papponni slot information on this site is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Compatible with all analogue 1: Todavia esto coche es digitalizable para los sistemas digitales Scalextric y Ninco con los chips disponibles en nuestra seccion Digital: In those days the choice was tiny, rarely more than ten cars, and my collection remained small and exclusively devoted to the Scalextric brand.

Every car shown here is from my own collection.

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Registration Private Registrant Organization: If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. However this car can be converted to Scalextric or Genting casino head office telephone number digital with a conversion chip from our Digital section: In original display case.

All photographs are copyrighted.

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We are sure you will be pleased to see that we only charge shipping based on the real package weight. As my collection grew I started to photograph it, for reference mainly, but also so that I didn't make the mistake of buying a car that I already owned.

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Over the next few years I'd save papponni slot pocket and paper-round money until I had enough for a trip to my local model shop, where I'd look excitedly at the small selection of Scalextric cars for sale. En su caja expositora original.

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If you wish to post them on a forum, please include a link back to this site. The photos vary in quality, but all are the best I have until I make the effort to re-shoot them and, since life and other interests tend to take precedence, progress remains glacially slow.

Directamente suministrado por SCX. Go to papponni and find a great range of accessories to upgrade your cars! Scalextric digital C o Ninco digital Directly supplied by SCX. Please bear this in mind if using this site for reference. How things have changed.

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For a start, it performed a lot better than any Scalextric car I owned had ever done and, as the purity of my previously Scalextric-only collection was now ruined, there was nothing preventing me from buying cars from other manufacturers.

Las fotos son de un modelo ejemplo.

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From there it was a short step to creating this website and sharing my photographs for all to enjoy, maybe helping you with a purchasing decision. If you buy more than one item always ask us the final shipping price in order that we can adjust the invoice to the real shipping price. In I bought a yellow Ninco Ferrari F50, which opened the floodgates.

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