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For the purposes of this section, "net proceeds" shall mean the difference between the ideal handle from the sale of bell jar tickets, seal cards, merchandise boards, and coin boards less the amount of money paid out in prizes and less the purchase price of the bell jar deal, seal card deal, merchandise board deal, or coin board deal.

Notwithstanding and in lieu of the licensing requirements set forth in this article, an authorized organization defined in subdivision four of section one hundred eighty-six of this article may file a verified statement, for which no fee shall be required, with the clerk or department and the board attesting that such organization shall derive net proceeds or net profits from raffles in an amount less than thirty thousand dollars during one occasion or part thereof at which raffles are to be conducted.

Except for merchandise wheels, raffles and bell jars, no series of prizes on any one occasion shall aggregate more than five hundred dollars when the licensed authorized organization conducts less than five single types of games of chance, exclusive of merchandise wheels, raffles and bell jars, during any one license period.

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The provisions of this article shall not be construed to authorize or permit an authorized organization to engage in the business of leasing games of chance, supplies, or equipment. The board shall have the power and bell jar gambling shall be its duty to: No authorized organization licensed under the provisions of this article shall purchase, lease, or receive any supplies or equipment specifically designed or adapted for use in the conduct of games bell jar gambling chance from other than a supplier licensed by the board or from another authorized organization.

Nothing herein shall require such area to be enclosed. Any such local law or ordinance may be amended, from time to time, or repealed by the common council or other local legislative body of bell jar gambling jar gambling municipality which enacted it by a two-thirds vote of such legislative body and such amendment or repeal, as the case may be, may be made effective and operative not earlier than thirty days following the date of enactment of the local law or ordinance effecting slot 128 amendment or repeal, as the case may be; and the approval of a majority of the electors of such municipality shall not be a condition prerequisite to the taking effect of such local law or ordinance.

Each license to lease premises for conducting games of chance will be in such form as shall be prescribed in the rules and regulations of the board and shall contain a statement of the name and address of the licensee and the address of the leased premises, the amount of permissible rent and any information which may be required by said roulette fenzi and regulations to be contained therein, and each such license shall be conspicuously displayed upon such premises at all times during the conduct of games of chance.

The clerk or department shall make an investigation of the qualifications of each applicant and the merits of each application, with due expedition after the filing of the application. No game of chance shall be held, operated or conducted on or within any leased premises if rental under such lease is to be paid, wholly or partly, on the basis of a percentage of the receipts or net profits derived from the operation of such game.

Although Yugi manages to win back Joey's "Red-Eyes", Joey refuses to take it back and says he'll earn it when he becomes a better Duelist in the English dub, he lends it to Yugi to help defeat Marik. Those monies that are not utilized to maintain operations necessary to enforce the provisions of this article and the collection of the license fee authorized by this section shall be paid out of such amount on the audit and warrant of the state comptroller and shall be credited to the general fund.

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The board may inspect the premises, books, records, and inventory of a manufacturer without notice during the normal business hours of the manufacturer.

Bell jar compliance and enforcement. Article inoperative until adopted by voters. In lieu of such requirement, the distributor shall be required to disclose the prize levels and the number of winners at each level and shall print clearly on the game ticket that a ticket holder may obtain the prize and prize value for each prize level by referencing the flare.

In the case of bell jars, the licensee, upon filing financial statements of bell jar operations, shall also tender to the board a sum in the amount of five percent of the net proceeds as defined in this paragraph, from the sale of bell jar tickets, seal cards, merchandise board, and coin boards, if any, for that portion of license period covered by such statement.

No person may alter the bar code that appears on the flare or on the outside of the container or wrapping containing a deal of bell jar tickets. These full, firm D-cups have never been exposed in adult, and she ends up doing her first time shoot here with FTV.

No person, firm, partnership, corporation or organization, other than a licensee under the provisions of section one hundred ninety-one of this article, shall conduct such game or shall lease or otherwise make available for conducting games of chance premises for any consideration whatsoever, direct or indirect. Unlawful games of chance.


Any authorized organization required to file an annual report with the secretary of state pursuant to article seven-A of the executive law or the attorney general pursuant to article eight of the estates, powers and trusts law shall include with such annual report a copy of the statement required to be filed with the clerk or department pursuant to subdivision one or two of this section.

No not-for-profit, charitable, or religious organization shall sell, donate, or otherwise transfer bell jar tickets to any other not-for-profit, charitable or religious organization.

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Following approval of a rendering of a bell jar ticket, seal card, merchandise board, or coin board by the board, the manufacturer shall submit to the board a sample of the printed bell bell jar gambling ticket, seal card, merchandise board, coin board, payout card, and flare for such game.

No person licensed to manufacture, distribute, or sell games of chance supplies or equipment, or their agents, shall conduct, participate in, or mail slot for exterior door in the conduct of games of chance. The record shall include, but need not be limited to: No authorized organization shall award a series of prizes consisting of cash or of merchandise with an aggregate value in excess of ten thousand dollars during the successive operations of any one merchandise wheel, and three thousand dollars during the successive operations of any bell jar, coin board, or merchandise board.

Restrictions upon conduct of games of chance. The provisions of this subdivision shall not apply to the net proceeds from the sale of bell jar tickets. Lease terms and conditions shall be subject to rules and regulations promulgated by the board.

The legislature hereby declares that the raising of funds for the promotion of bona fide charitable, educational, scientific, health, religious and patriotic causes and undertakings, where the beneficiaries are undetermined, is in the public interest. Any information so received shall not be disclosed except so far as may be necessary for the bell jar gambling of carrying out the provisions of this article.

Investigation; matters to be determined; issuance of license; fees; duration of license.

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The clerk or department and the board shall have power to examine or cause to be examined the books and records of: Offenses; forfeiture of license; ineligibility to apply for license. Everything we love about food in general all rolled into one easy curry recipe. Hear appeals from the determinations and action of the clerk, department or officer in connection with the refusing to issue licenses, the suspension and revocation of licenses and the imposition of fines in the manner prescribed by law and the action and determination of the board upon any such appeal shall be binding upon the clerk, department or officer and all parties thereto.

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A distributor shall keep at each place of business complete and accurate records for that place of business, including itemized invoices of bell jar tickets held and purchased. The board may require that a distributor submit the quarterly report and invoices required by this section via magnetic media or electronic data transfer.

Any person, firm, partnership, corporation or organization who or which shall: The head or heads of the authorized organization shall upon request certify, under oath, that the persons operating any game of chance are bona fide members of such authorized organization, auxiliary or affiliated organization.

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All Rights Reserved worldwide. Service of alcoholic beverages. No coins or merchandise from a coin board or merchandise board shall be redeemable or convertible into cash directly or indirectly by the authorized organization.