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Construction The construction method is generally identical for most forms of linear drainage. Accessories and Fittings Mitred Angle Connecting linear channel drains in one straight line is relatively straightforward and simple, but what about curves, corners, angles and junctions? There are typically two such locking bars to each grating unit.

Connecting to Sewer System Obviously, the linear drain has to discharge somewhere, and this section looks at a few of the more common methods used to connect the linear drain with the surface water sewer system.

Bottom Outlet On small domestic application, the linear drain is normally connected to the main drainage via a pipe union end cap or a bottom outlet section.

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Some of the larger commercial systems are capable of handling flows oflitres per second or more. It is important that the adjacent ends of both channels meeting at the angle are cut to the angle of mitre to ensure the channel width is maintained and a 'snag' is not introduced into the channel. Alternatively, they can be laid on a mm mortar bed over a prepared concrete race.

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Whatever the application, whatever the budget, there will be a grating to suit, starting with the cheap-n-tinny Class A galvanised gratings that come as standard with the bargain channels sold in the DIY sheds, through heavy duty plastic polypropyleneductile iron, right up to stainless steel, resin polymers and milled aluminium. These are designed to cope with the heaviest of flows, and to connect to various sizes and types of drainage.

The end use of the drain will determine which type is most suitable to a specific application.

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Although the trapped fitting isn't essential when fitting to a SW system, it was used in this case to eliminate any problems with smells and sewer gases emanating from the drains.

However, the brain work isn't finished yet. The run-off capacity Q is measured in litres per second and is calculated thus A trapped connection to the drainage system Linear channel is connected to trap Click here for a fully detailed guide to installing an Aco Drive Drain linear system to a residential driveway. Note that the overall class rating of a linear drain is dependent on both paving slot drainage and grating meeting these test loads, and the 'whole construction' assumes the loading class of the weaker component.

In Block Paving Three constructions are shown opposite, which cover most of the usual paving types; note that the thickness of the bedding concrete may need to be increased for Classes D, E and F, depending roulette codepen site conditions and end use.

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Many types incorporate some form of overlap joint, so that lengths of channel have a distinct 'male' and female' end, usually some form of a tongue and groove arrangement.

They need to be laid on a C25 concrete bed at least mm thick, and then haunched according to the type of paving being used.

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A genuinely good supplier will be able to supply a linear drain with a heavy duty grating to Class B, as given in the table above. There are two basic types - those with built-in falls and those that maintain a regular depth along their entire length, and paving slot drainage must be laid to a fall.

If your project involves a number of these fittings, you should consult with the manufacturers to identify what fittings are available in the various paving slot drainage on the market.

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There is an enormous range available, from simple half-metre or metre-long polymer concrete units for private driveways to stainless steel units for medical or food preparation areas to combined kerb and drainage systems.

In many cases, a soldier course is used to add detail around the linear drain, and this may be laid in the same block or in a contrasting colour, as suits the scheme. The units with paving slot drainage built-in falls tend to be used to drain paving slot drainage, flat areas, such as car parks, freight yards, airports etc, and the 'regular depth' type are used for short lengths of drain, and on areas with a natural slope or fall.

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