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Just before service began Robert returned. Dave announces that Van was nominated for his poor service, while acknowledging that Suzanne is the weakest cook on the blue team.

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Close to the end of dinner service, Amanda jumped in to help Suzanne on the fish station, though when halibut was undercooked, Suzanne pinned the blame on Amanda. Dave's door opened, making him the sixth winner of Hell's Kitchen, Kevin took his defeat graciously.

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The sear was satisfying and semi-crisp. Kevin and Ariel nominated each other and Dave decided to nominate Ariel. She couldn't even handle her station. Van accidentally served customers at the other team's table, and he chose to ignore Jean-Philippe's admonition to respect the dining room, leading to a heated confrontation between the two.

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I had watched the episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, which featured The Burger Kitchen, so I understood the unenviable position that Daniel Saffron, owner and manager, found himself in. The women won The burgers and fries both came up lacking in terms of preparation. He nominates Tony and Andy properly and with valid reasons. After Dave, Kevin and Tennille finished the service, Ramsay explains to them that by no fault of their own that it was the worst service in his career.

The women were awoken at 1: The men prepared both kitchens for a French-themed service.

Ramsay indicates that he thought Amanda should have been nominated rather than Lovely, but allows the nominations to stand. Meanwhile, Robert's rabbit was raw, and Ramsay shuts down the blue kitchen.

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Since the diners liked Dave's appetizer's even though he had refused to let them choose their orderhe was named best of the worst and told to nominate two men for elimination. Nevertheless, both teams completed their service and the blue team were declared the winners.

The women finishes its service, serving both chef's tables, giving them their first and only dinner service victory of the season. Before dinner service, Ramsay tore up the dinner menu and had each team create a new menu, with their own personal flair.

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For the first individual challenge, each chef had 45 minutes to cook an entree that not only tasted the best, but also was the most-appealing to the eye. Just after service, Ramsay considered eliminating Dave because of his continuous pain, though Dave successfully pleaded his case that if he is to be eliminated, it was on his abilities as a chef and not on his injured wrist.

The pickle chips oozed an unpleasant puddle of oil onto the plate.

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The women nominated Sabrina. The women won the challenge with a score of Van became infuriated, and even though Ariel attempted to calm him down in the dorms, Van walked out of the dorms. He then announced Tony and Andy as the nominees, but cited no valid reason to be nominated, followed by Season 16's episode 8, and insisting Tony "knows why"; Ramsay refused to accept the nominees.

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