The coming wave of sports gambling isn't a win for casino stocks

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Even sports bar operator Buffalo Wild Wings said it is interested in getting into the sports gambling business, although Decree said it's more likely that the company will work with an establish sports book rather than go through the trouble of getting licenses itself.

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Read More Marion Jones Following her repeated denial of steroid use before and during the Sydney Olympics, American track star Marion Jones eventually admitted to perjuring herself. However, after his fellow defendants agreed to testify and against him and provide detailed accounts of the incident, Simpson was found guilty on charges of robbery, assault, criminal trespassing and the unlawful use of a deadly weapon.

However, he also spent some time as a bookmaker and head of an illegal gambling ring, which is pretty frowned upon in pro sports. Rose is a legendary baseball player still the all-time hits leaderbut some younger fans simply know about him because he bet on baseball.

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Those overdue gambling bills can add up in a hurry! Rick Tocchet Rick Tocchet was a very versatile hockey player that hung up his skates for good back inafter a pretty solid career. Back in the 60s, gambling was a huge problem in the NFL and Hornung was one of the worst. That broke the judges' tie and provided a Russian victory.

Bryant, who was married, underwent several months of criminal hearings notorious moments in sports gambling cnbc willingly submitted to forensic testing.

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Read More Barry Bonds During the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative case, in which the State of California brought steroid distribution charges against his personal trainer, Barry Bonds testified that he was misinformed about the legal status of the drugs his trainer administered to him. Casinos often rely upon sports books to draw in gamblers and get them playing more profitable games like slots or blackjack, where the odds favor the house.

Stallworth turned himself in to police and pled guilty to charges of DUI and second-degree manslaughter. This article will look at 10 athletes with notorious gambling problems, who gambled more away in their careers than most people will see in their entire lives!

The first, occurring publicly in a Memphis restaurant, was followed later that day with a more serious incident that led Daly to bring assault charges against his wife for attacking him with a knife. Formal sanctions have yet to be brought against Rodriguez, and he has recently become a spokesperson for groups discouraging steroid use in professional sports.

He eventually issued a formal apology for the incident and resumed his notorious moments in sports gambling cnbc position at Louisville. Police and EMTs who responded found Woods drifting in and out of consciousness and took him to the hospital.

He bet a lot. One year later, the Tour was plagued with similar doping scandals, when newly introduced steroid testing revealed the presence of performance enhancing drugs in multiple bicyclists.

His signing bonus was gone almost immediately and he was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before the end of his first year.

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His involvement in this ring ended with him on probation and forced him to take a two-year leave of absence from the NHL, although he eventually resurfaced in to coach the Tampa Bay Lightning and later took a job as the Arizona Coyotes bench boss.

After evidence emerged in that contradicted Bonds' claim to be an oblivious victim, he was indicted on criminal charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. Although he did not challenge the suspension, he maintained that neither he nor his doctor were aware that the league banned the drug.

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As a result of the outrage surrounding the incident, U. While the former Heisman Trophy winner will always go down as one of the best on the field, this is a definitely black mark on his resume. Read More Pete Rose In a attempt to regain eligibility for MLB participation, former Cincinnati Reds player and coach Pete Rose admitted he had engaged in illegal gambling nearly 15 years earlier.

Floyd Mayweather While Floyd Mayweather is rolling in more cash than almost any other athlete in the world, he is not known for being the best manager of his money. Read More Kobe Bryant After arriving at a Colorado hotel in Junewhere he was to await surgery, Kobe Bryant began what he contended was a mutual sexual encounter with a hotel employee.

He was eventually even suspended by the NFL for gambling, and routinely conned both friends and strangers out of money to feed his addiction. After vehemently denying the accusations, the charges were dropped.

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The spread of legal sports books to more states could cause more problems for Nevada properties. He was sentenced to 33 years in a Nevada prison. Simpson became legally embattled once again in Read More Pairs 13 slot controllogix chassis skating at the Olympics The pairs figure skating competition at the Olympics became a subject of international outrage.

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