Loose Aggressive Poker Style

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The term "loose" in poker refers to players who are willing to play a wide number of hands before the flop — the more hands played the "looser" the player. There are 2 reasons for this, firstly observant opponents may suspect something is amiss — since you did not bet when you usually do.

How to play tight aggressive poker.

Tight aggressive simply describes the number of hands you play and how casino primitivo jaen play them. If you come up against a lot of resistance and you believe that your opponent has you beat, then don't feel bad about letting the hand go!

The higher chance of a re-raise or even a 4th raise all-in makes playing these hands positively a profitable move. What is a tight aggressive playing style? Go back to the awesome Texas Hold'em Strategy. It is important to get your money in the middle when you have the best of it, because that is how you win money from the game.

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With that in mind, a loose aggressive strategy will generally work best versus weak TAG players who overvalue starting hands once the community cards are in view. A player attempting to try out the Loose Aggressive style should seek to play their speculative hands either in multi-way pots or by being the first to raise pre-flop.

However, if you feel that you have the best hand on the flop or turn and even before the flopyou want to bet or raise to make sure that your opponent has to pay to try and improve their hand. Both of the aggressive styles of play can be played profitably, whereas the passive styles are going to lose you money.

For this reason alone, a player learning LAG style should stick to no more than two tables at a time.

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Don't be afraid to bet. Too small a raise can easily induce several of your loose opponents to enter the pot behind you with speculative holdings. Weak TAG players can continually be outplayed on later streets, but you must, at all costs, accurately assess whether or not you can get a particular player to fold in certain situations.

Basic LAG Poker Strategy

Perhaps the most challenging part of a Loose Aggressive style is maximizing value on such a wide range of starting hands — which brings us to one truth: Unless the board is particularly draw-heavy you should instead pick a bet size see bet sizing that is likely to be called — building the pot gradually so as to be paid the maximum.

This is not to say that LAG players are unable to play premium hands profitably… quite the contrary. Remember that there are two ways to win a hand in poker; you can either show down the best hand or you can loose aggressive texas holdem your opponent to fold.

Playing premium pairs at a passive table should usually involve raising to thin the field. In early position these hands should be folded as there is too much danger of a raise and a re-raise behind you.

Your position at the table and your table image are other factors that also affect your strategy in winning at loose tables. These 2 types of loose table require different strategies in order to win. There will be times when you get outdrawn when you are ahead and you lose more money than if you has played passively, but that is all part of poker.

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By Greg Walker Playing poker at a loose table can be a very profitable experience. That's how you maximize your winnings. So for the purpose of this article and to teach you how to win money as effectively as possible, we are going to focus on our good friend, the tight aggressive style of play. Other poker playing styles. So there we have it, that's pretty much the groundwork for a good tight aggressive playing style - hopefully it was a bit of an eye-opener for you.