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Personnel to hold games; commissions or salaries; equipment and supplies; expenses A. Authorization to license certain organizations; exemption; requirement for state license A.

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Notwithstanding any provision of this Chapter to the contrary, any consent agreement entered into by the division of charitable gaming, office of state police, Department of Public Safety and Corrections, and a manufacturer of electronic bingo dabber card devices prior to May 1,which approves and authorizes the use of electronic bingo dabber card devices as a charitable gaming supply, subject to certain conditions and requirements shall remain valid until January 1,provided that all conditions and requirements in such agreement are complied with until such date.

The office may provide for additional specifications for devices to be approved and authorized pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter as it deems necessary to maintain the integrity of electronic pull-tab devices and operations.

The office may also assess whatever fees may be necessary to implement this Section and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to this Subsection.

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Such game shall be offered in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the governing authority of each municipality or the parish which issued a license to any respective organization which participates in a progressive mega jackpot bingo game, in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by the office in Subsection D of this Section. Each applicant for such a license shall file gambling license for raffles the office and the clerk of the municipality or with the governing body of any parish a written application therefor in the form prescribed in said rules and regulations, duly executed and verified, in which shall be stated: Each private contractor shall possess the skills and have the personnel and equipment available to conduct such games.

Combination of interests prohibited A. Form of license Each license shall be in such form as shall be prescribed in the rules and regulations promulgated by the office or the gambling license for raffles or governing body of the parish and shall contain a description of the kind or kinds of game or games of chance authorized to be held, operated, and conducted thereunder, a statement of the name and address of the licensee, of the names and addresses of the member or members of the applicant under whom such game or games of chance will be held, operated, and conducted, of the number of times, or the hours during which such game or games of chance are authorized to be conducted and the place or places where and the date or dates and time or times when such game or games of chance are to be conducted and of the purposes to which the entire net proceeds of such game or games of chance are to be devoted, and any other information which may be required by said rules and regulations to be contained therein.

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No entity or person described in Subsection A, B, or C shall serve as a commercial lessor. Any person, association, or corporation which violates any other provision of this Chapter not listed in Subsection B may be imprisoned for not more than six months or fined not more than five hundred dollars, or both. Charitable raffles as provided for in R.

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Compensation provided for in this Subsection shall not constitute a violation of the prohibition against the payment or giving of a commission, salary, compensation, reward, or recompense to any person holding, operating, or conducting, or assisting in the holding, operation, or conduct of any such game. Office functions, duties, and responsibilities The office shall have the following functions, duties, and responsibilities: Except as otherwise provided in this Section, all other provisions of this Chapter shall apply to the issuance of such special licenses.

The mega jackpot for a progressive bingo game played pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of this Section may exceed the limit established in R.

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No application for the issuance of a license shall be refused by the issuing authority until after a hearing is held on due notice to the applicant, at which the applicant shall be entitled to be heard upon the qualifications of the applicant and the merits of the application. Pursuant to the provisions of R. The purpose of this Chapter is to establish mechanisms to effectuate such purposes, including but not limited to: Any such organization so licensed may sell shares, tickets, or rights to participate in such games and may conduct the games accordingly when the entire net proceeds of such games of chance are to be devoted to educational, charitable, patriotic, religious, or public spirited uses, and when so licensed, may hold, operate, and conduct such games of chance exclusively by its members pursuant to this Chapter, except to the extent that the services of members of other bona fide licensed organizations gambling license for raffles enumerated in this Section are volunteered by their organization for the sole purpose of selling shares, tickets, or rights gambling license for raffles such games.

The office may not publish or otherwise disseminate income figures and other statistics obtained in the payback verification process or contained in payback verification reports in a manner that allows or helps a person to identify a particular device or to match a particular device with a particular income or statistic except as is required for enforcement of the provisions of this Chapter.

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No charitable organization as defined in this Paragraph or member or employee thereof which is qualified for an exemption from federal income tax under Section c 5 or 6 and which applied for a license under the former provisions of Part V-A of Chapter 14 of Title 33 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of by October 1,shall be subject to any penalties for holding, operating, or conducting any game of chance authorized by that Part prior to the issuance or written denial of such license.